Quote of the day—Lori Haas

I just could not understand why people cared so much about a piece of hardware and the inconvenience of a small segment of our population taking priority over saving lives. I just found that inexplicable.

Lori Haas
March 8, 2020
Not going away: Virginia Tech families fight for gun control
[Wow! She is totally clueless and/or totally evil.

And notice that it’s one of those fractally wrong statements. There are at least three false item in just that first sentence.

This is what they think of you and the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.—Joe]


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  1. It’s somewhat comforting to remember that ignorance at this level isn’t tolerated by the communist either. At least after they come to power. It generally gets you one in the back of the head.
    And yes, criminal negligence, (good intent, bad outcome), is as punishable as criminal intent,(evil). Just in case your on the jury at their trial.

  2. You will notice that the first fundamental here is the total dismissal of the Supreme Law of the Land. One can envision a robber or a rapist saying the same thing to his victim;

    “I just cannot imagine your little inconvenience taking priority over my well being.”

    The left isn’t even saying, “We have a better dea”. To say that is to at least acknowledge the existence of the Law, thoughbeit as an inferior construct. To the left it’s much worse. To them there is no other idea but their own. Lori here cannot even imagine anything else, and is more than willing, even proud, to say so.

    To mistake that behavior for mere ignorance though is a grave error. It fails to address the impetus behind the entire leftist/fascist/authoritarian movement. The driving force behind the left is not ignorance at all, but a level of arrogance that is for most of us totally unimaginable. It’s an arrogance that can dismiss, not only the Supreme Law of the Land (and the Oath many of them took to uphold the same), but even very lives of millions without a moment’s consideration.

    Let us never forget that the American and the global left, its politicians, its educators, entertainers and media, have an on-going and un-shakable love affair with the most murderous communist systems in history, and that furthermore they’ve been telling us for generations that there are far too many people on planet Earth.

    This population is not “sustainable”, they keep telling themselves, so part of what you’re hearing from Lori Haas arises out of what the leftist leadership calls the “Sustainability Movement”. The SM and the left in general, including the nice liberals next door, are one in the same, inseparable.

    And as always, granted; Lori Haas may in fact be as dumb as an old wet stump, having no knowledge of any of this whatsoever. It’s possible, even likely (though it’s not for us to judge) but the Movememt she is parroting knows exactly what it is doing.

    It’s pretty hard to overcome an enemy, in this case a level of arrogance and utter disregard, that most of us cannot even imagine.

    Right, so it’s clear that each of the two sides is busy trying to “red pill” the other. It is therefore important to understand what lies at the end of each of the two “rabbit holes”. At the end of one you find God inviting us into a humble state leading to maximum liberty and prosperity, and at the end of the other you have arrogance driving us into frustration, chaos, destruction and mass death.

  3. Note: She demonstrates total ignorance and admits complete incomprehension of the subject and its complexity, and then demands we listen to her and take action on the topic. (Rhetorical Q) What sort of person does that?

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