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Cooper understood that legislating guns away from the public was only a small part of the problem. The larger issue was a false social construct. One that was intent on disarming the populace of reason and will, of the mindset to act when necessary. He was not just talking about the direct attack of a mugger, but the steady erosion of “society” through the demand of conformity in defenselessness. Whether it be against criminals on the street or those in the capitol. Small wonder his copious quotes are often questioned by those who refuse to understand the virtues of violence.

Widener’s Blog
March 5, 2020
Historic Profile: Jeff Cooper
[Reading his profile made me miss him again.—Joe]


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  1. That quote defines the Romish system about as well as can be done in so many words. I would only add that it is an ancient, church/state system, claiming the full authority of those ancient “god-kings” (total authority), and furtherore, it has openly specified fascism as it’s ideal.

    Find and read the encyclical, Rerum Novarum (it is oft referenced today as a guidepost), and read up on the Eumenical United Nations Office for a bit more.

    That system is a global one, now facilitated by both parties in the U.S. and by all the major religions including former Christian Protestant denominations and Islam. It is farther along in its development than most realize, and there’s practically nothing and no one standing in its way.

    And yes, it is a conspiracy, and no, it’s not a theory. They’re now more than happy to tell you about it if you but look and see.

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