Quote of the day—Caren Park

admit it, joe, it’s funny.


Caren Park
March 4, 2020
Comment to my Facebook post about someone intending to deliberately infect people with COVID-19
[The Facebook post links to this blog post.

About three hours later Caren’s comment, my response to her, and Kathy Jackson’s response are all inaccessible to me.

My response to Caren:

I don’t see someone saying they will deliberately attempt to infect others, of any demographic, with any deadly disease as funny.

Would it be funny if they said they were going to attend every LGBT rally they could? How about someone with HIV deliberately having sexual contact with people for the purposes of infecting them?

Sure, there are going to be people at any event that don’t know they are carrying a contagious disease. But that is a much different thing than doing it with the intention of harming others.

I’ve known Caren for over 35 years. We’ve always had differences in political leanings. But never, that I recall, difference of substance regarding basic human decency.

The politics of this country have skewed peoples thinking several standard deviations away from what I have perceived the norm to be.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Caren Park

  1. The perpetually offended of our society have suddenly discovered gallows humor? Behold! The marvel of hypocrisy!
    It could only be more ironic watching Margert Sanger being Drawn and Quartered!

  2. The left never polices their side. They are allowed to be as extreme as they want to be. This is what the honest Never Trumper doesn’t get. They see Trump as crude and pugilistic and in need of correcting. We hired him because he is crude and pugilistic; so that he can effectively fight back against the double standards.

    I get their concerns, but we’re already wrestling with the pig, we’re going to get a bit dirty.

    By contrast, most on the right do police their own. About a month after Giffords was shot, I attended an AZCDL dinner meeting. Two of the people at my table told a crude joke and laughed about how the shooter should have spent more time practicing his aim. Everyone else at the table gave them the stink-eye. When one said, “What? Too soon?” one of us replied that it would never be appropriate. Mind you, most of us there had worked hard to get her unseated and get Jesse Kelly elected. None of us were fans of Giffords.

  3. Dark humor is like food: some people just don’t get it.

    For the record, I too believed the OP was ‘joking’. In poor taste? Certainly. Threat of actually going through with it? Almost certainly not.

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