Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

Biden’s mask is completely off. He’s not just a doddering Democrat pushing to become president, he’s an extremist anti-gunner who just promised to put a gun prohibition fanatic in charge of his administration’s gun policy.

Alan Gottlieb
March 3, 2020
Beto Will Be Biden’s Gun Grabbing Point Man; ‘It’s War,’ Says CCRKBA
[As if most of us didn’t already know this.

But, in political terms it does bring complete clarity to the issue. The leading Democrat candidate for President of the U.S. has made clear he intends to confiscate the most popular rifle sold today.

Respond appropriately.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

  1. Beto in charge of the ATF? Great! I suppose Hunter’s up for Secretary of Energy? Maybe have Hillary for VP? (Although I don’t think even Joe’s that senile.)No telling the great places this country can go!
    The futures so bright, we got-to wear shades.

    • Steyer for EPA? Bloomberg for Treasury? AOC for Education?
      The mind boggles at all the crazy things that could be contrapted.

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