Quote of the day—Carl Bussjaeger

As I was reading the bill, an interesting point struck me. I ended up going through it multiple times to be sure, because something I usually see in these victim disarmament schemes doesn’t seem to be there.

There is no exception in the bill for law enforcement or the military.

Should this monstrosity pass, I’m going to invest in popcorn futures. The show, when law enforcement realizes this applies to them, will be extremely entertaining.

Carl Bussjaeger
February 29, 2020
New York Bill Would Mandate Individually ‘Coded’ and Registered Ammunition
[Interesting. There are multiple ways this might play out if were to become law.

Here’s how something similar worked in Washington State.*

Suppressors were legal to own but illegal to use in the state. There was no law enforcement exception. The cops either didn’t notice or didn’t care and happily, and openly, purchased and trained, with suppressors.

No one said anything (or at least not so that it drew a lot of attention). The private citizens purchased suppressors and went “out of state” to use them. They also quietly took video of the cops using them at the public, in state, ranges. The local gun rights groups had a big video stashes of cops using suppressors.

The guns rights groups asked the legislature to change the law making suppressors legal to use in state. Quietly pointing out the existing law was unenforceable because the first time some prosecutor attempted to enforce it against an otherwise innocent private citizen the defense attorney was going to get a pile of video tapes of cops committing massive numbers of identical crimes.

Suppressors became legal to use in Washington state and remain so to this day.

What should, but is unlikely to, happen is that we all buy popcorn and enjoy watching the lawmaker’s trial. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t save then information for his trial. Just in case.—Joe]

* There is certainly some “poetic license” taken in this story. It’s my interpretation of what might have happened, based on some casual plans told to me several years before suppressors became legal.


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Carl Bussjaeger

  1. I surprised. What usually happens in these cases is that an anti-liberty legislature passes a cop carve-out quietly and says screw you to the peasants. I can’t wait until Trump installs RBG’s replacement at the USSC so that we can sue to stop the two tiered laws in this country.

  2. I once watched an off-duty officer escort his child through the school during parent-teacher conferences, while open carrying his duty pistol. At least his T-shit said he was with the department.

    State law doesn’t extend an exception to off duty officers, it explicitly says they must be on-duty. Wish I had a camera phone at that time.

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