King County conronavirus death confirmed

Via KOMO News:

KING COUNTY, Wash. — A man in King County has died from the coronavirus, the Washington state Department of Health said Saturday in a media advisory.

No other details were given about the death as of Saturday morning.

Officials plan to hold a press conference at 1 p.m. with more details. KOMO will livestream the press conference.

Just as my source told me last night.


7 thoughts on “King County conronavirus death confirmed

  1. Details on tonight’s news, the man was 70 and had numerous chronic illnesses. He was at a rest home in Kirkland. One of the employees there also tested positive; he is hospitalized and listed as good condition.

  2. I stopped in at a bulk / institutional food supply place on the way home from the range. No carts out front. A line inside as long as I’ve ever seen it. All checker stations busy. Some of the sale end-cap displays were empty down to the pallets. A number of shelves and bins were totally empty, and more were seriously depleted, more than I’ve ever seen. One lady had about ten cases of water stacked on her cart (she smiled sheepishly when I saw it and snorted), another couple (if you had to imagine a stereotype of a recent California Boomer transplant, complete with extra tan and gold chain, do so here) was loading cases of #10 cans of chili and things of similar nature on their cart while muttering things to each other that made me want to laugh out loud at their cluelessness. Others (mostly dot-Indian origin) were just buying 50-lb bags of onions, potatoes or other staples, and only had a few (large) things in their cart.

    Amidst this scene a voice came on over the PA and said (paraphrased) “Due to coronavirus concerns, all our staff have been working non-stop for 8-10 hours, and we are doing the best we can. Please have patience, and know we will be fully restocked tomorrow.” You could almost hear the weariness in her voice saying “come on people, don’t be morons, be polite, and no need to freak out!” They were freaking out in a generally orderly way, I think, because the shelves were bare enough to scare them, but not so bare they actually feared imminent non-replaceable shortage.

    (BTW, Joe, I’ve OK for lentils at this time. Others might want a delivery, tho 🙂

    I figure if there was ever a “good” time for a big earthquake, when people are stocked up and you want them to stop moving around, in about two weeks would be the time.

    • I probably will go to the farm sometime in the next two or three weeks. Put in your lentil and (soft white) wheat orders now.

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