Quote of the day—Adam Baldwin @AdamBaldwin

The 2020 Bumper Sticker battle –

Trump: “Keep America Great!”
Dems: “Beat Trump!”

Adam Baldwin @AdamBaldwin
Tweeted on February 22, 2020
[I had my phone Twitter app email this to me the next morning. Last night I got around to looking at it and preparing to make it my QOTD for today. I found this tweet no longer exists. I reviewed Baldwin’s tweets. He only has 114. What?!! That’s not right. But yet that is what I see. The first tweet was on June 19, 2019. Then there is a retweet of something from November 29, 2015. Then a tweet from February 24, 2020.

What’s even more “interesting” is that neither Bing nor Google can even find the exact phrase “The 2020 Bumper Sticker battle” anywhere on the Internet.

One must conclude that I emailed it to myself from an alternate universe and/or timeline. The alternatives are just too farfetched to be believable.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Adam Baldwin @AdamBaldwin

  1. Or, of course, it could be that Twter and Goog are just actively suppressing / hiding information that is in any way contrary to the narrative they are trying to spin. I.e., they are part of a giant gas-lighting / disinformation campaign.

  2. By inference the sticker sums up the whole divide very succinctly. One side is trying to raise up the country and the other is trying to tear it down and destroy it.

    • What happened to the notion of upholding the American Principles of Liberty?

      “Raising up the country” could have several, rather disparate, meanings, and so it is incumbent on us to be absolutely clear and specific.

      Methinks we’re living in a world of false dichotomies.

      • Or was that “razing” the country? Actually I think that works. Let’s try it;

        “One ‘side’ is trying to raze up the country and the other ‘side’ is trying to tear it down and destroy it.”

        To iterate it more clearly, we could say, simply;

        “Both so-called ‘sides’ are trying to destroy the country.”

        So ask yourself this; what if that were true?

        Of course, the truth or falsity of it becomes purely a matter of how you define “the country”.

        I define the country as no more and no less than a set of principles. It’s not a race, nor a people, and it’s not real estate or infrastructure. It’s a set of principles, and in that case I don’t believe you can disagree; both “sides” are in fact destroying it. One might even argue that they have destroyed it, past tense, and are now moving along with the next phase, which is to prepare us to accept the new global system they’ve been working on.

        I would add that if near half the population believes that Donald Trump represents the country as founded (that he is the true and faithful spokesman for the very principles of liberty, and furthermore that he is he man to re-implement said principles and thus show the world the way) then I would uphold that belief as proof that the country has indeed been destroyed already.

        It would be irrefutable proof that virtually no one understands what this country supposedly stood for originally.

        And in that case, there is no more America to be saved, for no one can want, nor uphold, nor demand, nor fight for, that which they do not know and probably wouldn’t want if they did know it.

        So it is now down to the matter of which particular flavor of fascism we’ll end up with, and for that you can look to the pope for the most likely answer. Trump and Pence, by the way, both love the pope, as did Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan…

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