Quote of the day—Mark Judson For Congress @Judson4Congress

In 2021, after Trump is gone, we will be able to tell who 90% of his supporters are via Social Media records.

Should we fire all of them from any Federal Jobs, to include the military, in order to protect the Nation?

Mark Judson For Congress @Judson4Congress
Tweeted on February 23, 2020
[This reminds what Nazi did when they came to power. No more Jews in government jobs.

Perhaps someone already pointed this out to him because the Tweet no longer exists.

Too bad the Internet is forever.—Joe]


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  1. This guy is a mental case. Unfortunately, it seems that most of those afflicted with TDS think similarly.

    At that point, those who’ve disagreed with the GroupThink of the Collective will be marked for “special treatment”. We’ll have no choice but resist.

    • You mean Bernie’s, Free education? The Castro inspired one he loves so much? (You really should be able to properly read your confession out loud, before your shot in the back of the head, right?)

  2. Mark Judson knows the final solution and will gladly administer it!
    Vote Mark Judson for commissar, oops reich marshal, I mean Congress critter in November

    • In the passed week I’ve had my suspicions about data collection confirmed by two different sources.
      One was a news report about the EU data collection center. An EU official being interviewed said the data collected was necessary to train AI. And next generation computers. An utmost priority to them.
      The other was a documentary on Amazon. In which it was confirmed the measures that Amazon went to in collecting data for the same purpose. Let’s just say your privacy wasn’t big on list of concerns. It was enough of an incentive that Amazon has forgone profits, with investor blessing to do so. Scary? So, were not to believe there’s a lot of this sort of thing going on? All over the world? If it was said on the internet. Someone, somewhere has a copy of it.
      So was Joe being a heretic in claiming, the internet is forever. Well OK. Don’t you think your own prejudice was on display in your dare? Or would you have us think you that uninformed of the world around you? I mean cluelessness is pandemic in these days. Please say your not infected?

      • Don’t you think your own prejudice was on display in your dare?

        It was not a dare, it was (1) an honest request for a publicly-archived copy of the tweet that’s not under the control of Twitter thus cannot be flushed down the Memory Hole by them, and (2) an observation that, absent such, “the Internet is forever” isn’t truly the case. It has nothing to do with Big Data Collection.

        As PKoning points out and Miguel is doing: if you find a mask slip like this, archive it immediately, or at the very least capture a screenshot, so that “the Internet is forever” does actually hold true, and it can be presented as evidence (in a debate or at a trial) later.

  3. The Democrats I’ve spoken with have always denied the existence of the Deep State, even while complaining about unelected bureaucrats who sometimes wield power beyond that of legislators!! That’s the level of dedication we’re up against; they’ll complain about the heat while denying the existence of the sun.

    Now here’s someone who acknowledges the Deep State as an obvious problem. Ths is rather new. Democrats in General have been aware of (but haven’t acknowledged) this issue for many generations, for they’re the master infiltrators; they have to understand it, to make it work. Certainly the Clintons and Obamas we’re aware of it, and did something about it;

    “We need to get their people out, and our people in.” Remember that?

    Just to rub it in, they even pried the “w”s off of the whitehouse computer keyboards. That’s been the mindset all along. They embrace humiliation of their enemies.

    Our problem is, we’re only just beginning to understand how all of this works, whereas the enemy (the coercive system and its allies) has known and practiced it for millennia.

    If we were to purge leftists from government positions, we’d have to replace virtually all government employees, including more than 95% of all teachers at all levels. The proper result however, would be the permanent elimination of the vast majority of government positions, including the permanent elimination of all coercive redistribution programs.

    So I submit that a major purge would not necessarily be a bad thing, and in fact could be a very good thing. And so it all comes down to WHAT is being purged, HOW it is being purged, and WHY.

    A purge of paid authoritarian workers, by simply relieving them of their coercively funded positions, by eliminating said coercively funded positions, for the purpose of upholding the American Principles of Liberty (which are in accordance with God’d law), would be nothing but beneficial to all concerned.

    And of course no one would have to be incinerated. Authoritarians would just have to trade their counter-productive jobs for productive ones, participating in a newly freed market according to their ability to serve others, thus benefiting themselves by benefiting everyone else.

    Most authoritarians would of course rather kill, and/or die, than participate in a non coercive system however, but in that case they’d simply be showing themselves for the common criminals we’ve known they are all along.

    Thus if we really want to convert hearts and minds, we’ll have to show the current authoritarians, and offer them, the ways out of their destructive system. Most would spit in our faces, of course, and lash out with murder in their hearts, but a few would be converted, and repent.

    How many of us are prepared to lend a helping hand, have it smashed with a hammer, and yet keep offering it? I think only the Biblical Christians (a tiny percentage of purported “Christians”) could do any such. There aren’t many of them left (they’re being actively hunted and killed around the world as we speak), and they’ve been holding back in the woodwork a little bit, despised, impugned, lied about, and hated by both sides.

    What will happen instead is, the fake Christians (Rome, and the former Protestants who’ve turned back to Rome) will further strengthen their allegiances with the other major religions (including but not limited to both Judaism and Islam), and with the U.N., the fraternal organizations and other institutions of power. With help from Republicans in the U.S., together with evangelicals, and help from Democrats who provide the necessary drama, this will eventually result in a unified, world-wide, church/state system, which will be a fascist and ultimately brutal system worse than anything in history. It’s already forming, metastasizing, with little or nothing standing in its way.

  4. Thereis an interesting insurgency / COIN doc put out by the US govt.If you read teh executive summary (it’s short) from the perspective not of what the US military / clowns er doing to our enemies, but as how Amaerica-haters have infiltrated and subverted our own institutions, it gives a pretty good description of what we’ve been seeing, and subjected to.

    It looks like Trump and co are doing a Counter-insurgency operation via Q. It’s going to take a while.

  5. Being men of principle, I’m sure the people who are saying this will be totally cool with Trump, upon winning reelection, firing from government service all his detractors who can be identified from social media postings and other sources, because the principle is exactly the same – eliminate your enemies, their jobs, and influence.

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