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Nazism was attempted once. It killed 6 MILLION+ people and the ideology was abandoned. Those who promote it are rightly shunned.

Communism has been attempted multiple times, in multiple nations. It has killed 100 MILLION+ people. Yet many still think it’s a ‘good idea’.

UBY: @ZubyMusic
Tweeted on February 20, 2020
[It’s amazing the price people are willing to pay for “free” stuff.

It would appear to me that the only way to avoid repeating the many lessons in the history of communism and socialism is to increase the cost on those who attempt to implement it rather than on those it is implemented on.

Never give up your guns.—Joe]


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  1. The ideology behind Nazism was never abandoned. It started with Progressivism, and Progressivism, having its roots firmly ensconced in a combination of Eugenics and Marxism (for you cannot really have one without the other), is alive and thriving.

    • You didn’t mention the Sal Alinsky part about what your seeing in the mirror, accuse the other side of it. Your a Nazi fascist Lyle!
      Absolutely Joe. “Never give up your guns”, should be printed across the top of the Gadsden flag.
      Come and take them! across the bottom.

  2. Nazi-ism IS socialism.

    NSDAP = National Socialist German Workers Party ( auf English )

    Speer nationalized all German industry. Goering bragged at Nuremberg about executing Germans for trying to flee with assets. While Berlin was surrounded, Goebbels was sending memos to the finance ministry complaining that taxes were not progressive enough.

    The Nazis really meant the Socialist part of NSDAP.

    • There is a difference between Nazism and what most people consider generic socialism. If there weren’t the USSR and Germans would not have been such enemies. The difference is National Socialism and world socialism. The reason the Germans were sending communists organizers to the camps along with Jews, Gypsies, etc. was because they were competing for the same socialist “mind space”. You never hear about them sending masses of capitalists to the camps. My speculation is that is because the capitalists weren’t syphoning off support for the socialist movement that was rapidly spreading worldwide, including the U.S., in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

      • I wouldn’t consider it speculation. Capitalist were willing to work for a living. And Hitler needed an army. Not a bunch of sniveling, “intellectuals”.
        The German people just went through the Weimer hyper inflation.(wheel barrow of marks, for a loaf of bread). Hitler promised away out. I would have worked to. As would most. And if a couple of college professors disappear in the mean time. So what. We got meat tonight ma!

      • In theory, they shouldn’t have been opponents, but there were practical reasons they went to war, mostly due to food production. Germany and the USSR couldn’t feed themselves, which was one of the driving reasons Hitler went into Western Europe, and the reason that Hitler and Stalin decided to share Poland. Poland was considered the Breadbasket of Europe. Each wanted the entire Polish area. Stalin was so ignorant and stupid that he destroyed his farming base. (it seems Stalin was as knowledgeable about food as the idiots we have that think food originates in the supermarkets) He killed off about 20M farmers in the 20-30’s. They starved to death! On farms!

        Talk about bad timing, turns out Stalin’s timetable to swallow the German side of Poland was scheduled a week after the Germans crossed that border. He was so fearful of his Army that their weapons were pre-positioned near that border. They were never armed until they were facing the battlefield, which is why the Germans drove so deep into Russia so quickly. They simply overran the stockpiles, leaving the Soviets unarmed initially.

        Don’t forget, food production was a very labor intensive activity back then, and Hitler had sucked up a lot of manpower to put them into uniforms. Hitler’s economy and military was hugely centered on horses to move things. Most of the world was, the war sped up the move to using vehicles in place of horses.

  3. I disagree with the 6 million + number. There were an estimated 75 – 80 million deaths in WWII. The vast majority of those deaths were in Europe (as opposed to the Pacific). Germany lost roughly 5 million people due to military causes. The Soviets lost roughly 10 million to direct military causes, but lost another 8 million or more civilians to indirect things like starvation. In all, WWII resulted in the death of about 3% of the world population. Most of the people alive today have no idea what REAL war is about.

    • I suspect the Chinese would dispute your statement about deaths. We will never know the full story about the scope of the war in China but the death toll probably exceeds your numbers for the total.

  4. It amuses my that the claimed death toll from Nazi concentration camps was 12 million, but only the 6 million Jews seem to count these days. I guess nobody cares about Gypsies any more.

    • The young German boy who grew up surrounded by NAZI propaganda and later went to war where he died for his country is only slightly less a victim than any of the civilians. Most young people are easily programmed with the proper propaganda. Today’s, “woke” youth and ANTIFA are no exception.

  5. You know what the difference between Nazism and Communism is?

    When you point out the millions killed by the Nazis, no one ever says “Well, real Nazism has never been tried”.

  6. Seeing that the Germans were no longer looking like winners, the socialist/communist lovers began pushing the meme that the NAZI’s were right wing, even before the end of ww2. They were so successful with this revision that by the time the boomers were adults, they had totally bought the scam.

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