It’s back….

Two days ago I reported the good news that an oppressive gun control bill severely restricting magazines with capacity more than 15 rounds was defeated.

In the comments John Hardin suggested:

they could just convert it into an Appropriations bill, which has a longer deadline

This is exactly what they did:

A proposal to ban the sale of high-capacity gun magazines in Washington died after not receiving a vote by a key deadline Wednesday evening, but gun-control advocates quickly reloaded with a new proposal.

House Democrats failed to put a bill up for debate that would have banned magazines holding more than 15 rounds. It needed to pass the House by Wednesday to continue being considered in the 2020 session.

The bill was pulled from consideration by the full House after Republicans filed 120 amendments to be debated before a final vote on the bill could be taken, Speaker Laurie Jinkins, D-Tacoma said.

Later Thursday a new bill calling for a ban on the sale of magazines holding more than 15 rounds was filed in the House with a provision that would allow it to ignore the deadline.

Along with the policy that limits the number of rounds, it also calls for a buyback program that would compensate gun owners who turn in as many as five high-capacity magazines to the Washington State Patrol between this July 1 and June 30, 2021. To pay for the program, it proposes repealing the tax exemption for the sale of precious metals or bullion.

Bills that require the state to spend money or levy new taxes aren’t subject to Wednesdays if they are included in the General Fund budget. The House and Senate will release their supplemental budget proposals Monday.

I find it “interesting” they plan to tax sales of precious metals to pay for the confiscation of our magazines.

My representative and Senator have a townhall meeting tomorrow:

10:00 – 11:30 AM
Saturday, February 22
Bellevue College
Room N201
3000 Landderholm Circle SE

. I plan to attend. I already submitted questions via a webpage they provided.


10 thoughts on “It’s back….

  1. They do not seem to understand defeat and they certainly do not listen to conservatives.

    They are too busy showing us how democracy can evolve into tyranny.

    • They are scum. They know the people don’t want it, so they try to pass it via subterfuge. They are showing that they have nothing but contempt for us, the voters, the people they supposedly serve. Let this sort of obvious trick be used at their trial to demonstrate mens rea.

  2. i was stationed at lewis in the mid/late 80’s…i did obtain a concealed license back then…carried everywhere…it’s a beautiful state but even back then, i wouldn’t have lived there…the average home was well above $100,000…i feel for you peeps that live in those states on the west coast…

  3. The reality is that these people are like commies and other would be tyrannical tribes. As one of their heroes said, “Power flows from the barrel of a gun.” I suspect that sooner or later they – and their friends – will find out (in a bad way for them) the truth of that quote

    • Not like communist. They are communist. Sharks got to swim, and commies got to commie. Their as predictable as a salmon swimming up stream. And if we think winning a court case, or stopping a piece of legislation will get them to quit. were delusional.
      Thanks for quoting Mao. Because that is foremost in their minds. Always. And finding out in a bad way, is a two street. (Range time!).
      And back to them being communist. Ever hear about the protests to remove that 16′ bronze statue of Lenin that’s in Seattle? Me neither.
      Ever hear the media tell you about Pete Butt-gig’s father being a communist professor? Ya, me neither. If ever a doubt comes to mind about the left. Remember, there’s only communism, or intermediate steps toward communism. Their brainwashed….

  4. That wasn’t a suggestion on my part. I posted that after they’d found and used another way to revive it that I hadn’t thought of in my original “we’re not out of the woods yet” comment.

      • You no need worry typo, John.
        Thank god for Chinese instruction manuals. They’ve made it so much easier to read redneck to!

      • I don’t recall there ever being a “preview” button. But you can edit or delete the comment for a few minutes after you post it. That still seems to be working.

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