Washington office of firearm violence prevention

Via email from Luis we have this:

This bill just passed the senate, the implications are that, is almost certain that it will passed the house and become law.

This is a tax payer funded, new agency, to take your 2nd amendment rights, capable of issuing  grants to Bloomberg gun control organizations.

Heavy sigh.

If it were an agency with a charter to prevent criminal violence I won’t mind too much. But the way it is worded they could easily conclude that eliminating the use of firearms for self-defense is a positive goal and spend taxpayer money to achieve that goal.


3 thoughts on “Washington office of firearm violence prevention

  1. Reads to me like just another gubbermint boondoggle to provide another opportunity for graft.

  2. Sigh…It’s a no accountability, no limits office on what they think will prevent gun violence and a loose cannon with no legislative checks. It’s a government without representation that avoids pesky democracy and is also known as tyranny.

    Look for more of this if D’s remain in power. Next: A carbon office with the power of taxation?

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