Quote of the day—Brian Moran

Assault weapons are not protected by the Second Amendment because they are weapons of war.

Brian Moran
Virginia Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security
February 11, 2020
Virginia House passes ‘assault weapon’ ban
[Mr. Moran, SCOTUS disagrees with you. See US v. Miller, 1939.

Pass such a law and we will be seeing you in court. And, eventfully, I plan to enjoy your trial.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brian Moran

  1. There’s nothing like making a large percentage of your citizens part of the “opposition” in a manner that forces them to choose between what they believe are their natural rights and laws which infringe or eliminate those rights.

    They don’t use disagree with you (being government), they see you as illegitimate and therefore whatever you “pass into law” is null and void. Your government becomes the enemy and isn’t seen as legitimate.

    You couldn’t plant the seeds of violent confrontation or resistance in more fertile ground if you tried. Every judicial or administrative apparatchik that is rolled out to pronounce this “law” as legal and binding further separates those erstwhile citizens from you. Step by step, you destroy your legitimacy and therefore, your actual authority over those you are persecuting.

    The only surprise will be the astonishment of the Reds when the violence (and killing) starts.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s a feature, not a bug. Coldsteel. In this thing their building. They want to see the glorious struggle end in a victory. ASAP. Even though that objective can never truly be obtained. (They murder millions, and still can’t get there for some reason?)
      Don’t forget they have a lot of government fire power concentrated in that area also. If there is a place in America where they could win. It would be in the DC/ Virginia area.
      Will their be trials for treason one day? History is wrote by the winners.
      If we only loved freedom enough? Time will tell.

  2. I will only enjoy his trial if it is concluded by a conviction and a meaningful sentence. that is served to the fullest measure.

  3. Wow Brian, I thought my reading/comp skills were bad! How can one have a well regulated militia without military firearms being protected?

    • Nice to see you still kicking about Kevin.
      Secretary Moran does spell his name incorrectly. It’s Brain Dead M-O-R-O-N.
      And if he actually believes what he said, he’s as dangerous a brain dead moron as they come.

    • While I appreciate the joke, I have a co-worker whose first name is Moran. She’s Israeli, and of exceptional intelligence. As a given name, it is Hebrew, and similar to Morag or Mora.

      As a surname, it’s Gaelic.

      I think we could aspire to a better way to impugn Brian Moran’s general lack of intellect, education, and profusion of cultural insensitivity, the knock-kneed poltroon, the lack-wit knave, the grateful fart catcher of his benefactors.

  4. “Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security”

    Secretary of Public Endangerment and Homeland Insecurity

    There; fixed it to reflect actual intent and effect.

    But it has been a long-standing tactic of the left to name things, institutions and legislation as their opposites, e.g. “Patriot Act”, et al. And yes; the Patriot Act was enacted under a Republican president, among a mountain of other anti-liberty, pro-authoritarian measures over the years.

    “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (KJV)

    It is as if Paul knew well what he was saying. In other words, he knew that we’d have authoritarian institutions touting “Peace” and “Safety”, lying like the clever, coy, gangster whores and sons of whores they are, while working toward chaos. We’re also of course hearing terms like “Openness” and “Unity” and “Save the Planet” and all manner of terms which should rightly be associated only with a steadfast adherence to liberty, now coming out of the mouths of the worst of the worst among authoritarian pirates.

    Being allied with the Prince of the World, the authoritarians are extremely clever though, and effective; a fact which we, generally, have failed to grasp. We prefer instead to think of them as ignorant, bungling fools, thus utterly failing to comprehend the tactical landscape.

    I’ve joked in the past that since we in the U.S. started out with a “War Department” and they changed the name to “Department of Defense”, and they have “Peace-Keeping Forces” in the UN, it therefore can’t be long before they change it again to the U.S. “Peace Department”. For who can argue against “Peace”?

    “…and they shall not escape.”

    “Enjoy your trials”, indeed, but those trials won’t be anything we can currently imagine. We’ll be tried too, for one thing.

  5. “In the mirrors of the many judgments, my hands are the color of blood. I am a part of the evil which exists to oppose other evils…. on that Great Day of which prophets speak but in which they do not truly believe, on that day when the world is completely cleansed of evil, then I, too, will go down into darkness, swallowing curses. Perhaps even sooner than that, I now judge. But whatever . . . Until that time, I shall not wash my hands nor let them hang useless.”

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