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Why a certain sector of elected officials, whose job is to serve the public, are hellbent on trampling individual rights, boggles the minds of clear thinking folks. I believe it has to do with power and control. The battle over gun control is not really about guns; it is about control.

Dave Ellis
February 3, 2020
St. Lawrence Co. gun owners seek to declare 2nd amendment sanctuary
[It may boggle your mind at first. But gradually it makes sense as you see it all around you. And what cements it is when you discover that not only do some people think like this:

And it is a thrill; it’s a high… I love it; I absolutely love it.  I was born to regulate.  I don’t know why, but that’s very true.  So as long as I’m regulating, I’m happy.

But, a lot of people think like that. They absolutely get off on coming up with ideas for controlling other people “for their own good”. Some people even literally believe they need to be in control of other people’s money because they know how to spend it better than the people who earned it.

These type of people are those who seek political office. And they are the type of people who should be kept away from the levers of political power. And when those type of people became too numerous and too powerful, that is why we have the Second Amendment.—Joe]


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  1. 3,000 tyrants one mile away! I worked under OHSA, and MSHA (mining safety). All my life. Got wrote up for not having an MSDS sheet on a can of Pledge furniture polish! Luck would have it on another job the boss had the presence of mind to put up an emergency evacuation plan on the wall for all to read and memorize. Just in case we needed to get out of a 16’x8′ construction trailer with two doors in a hurry! ( I watched the inspector actually stop, look it over. point his finger at it . nod his head and say, good!) At which point I followed evac. plan “B”. just in time to blow my coffee outside. Two hours later the boss gave me one of those sideway glances. Told you. was all he said.
    I’m certain of the fact that regulating at this level is a mental disorder. And that all socialism/communism is just the replacement of semi-market respondent rich people for bureaucrats. Which just “love to regulate”. To the point that murder just becomes a regulatory function.
    I truly feel for the younger generations as they are going to “Feel the love” once again. Boggled minds of clear thinking folks aside.( is that what you would call an oxymoron, Lyle?) BOHICA is the future.

  2. I got a tour of the capital in Harrisburg by a state senator. They had a large glass aquarium, 15 foot or more long by 5 feet wide and high. It was filled with red and blue ball about the size of tennis balls. The senator said one color was for laws passed by the House , the other color was for laws passed by the Senate.
    All those bills were passed that year.

    He was trilled at all the legislating going on. I was appalled.

    It is about power to control.

  3. But it does not have to be this way. I was surprised when I looked at the laws in SE Kansas where I grew up. It is a rural area and the laws do not seem to have changed that much in the last 50 years.

    No permit is needed to carry (that is actually a new state law). No permit is required for a building. The towns are neat and tidy on large lots. Crime is low. A town of 5000 has 3 officers per shift including volunteers and they actually seem to serve. On the day I looked there was only a note about a found bike along with a note thanking the ladies auxiliary for breakfast.

    The county’s council resolutions just focused on managing the county. One resolution just listed equipment the county needed to sell (including a 2000’s truck – this was for 2019). So it sounds like the elected officials still realize that the money they are spending is hard-earned taxpayer money.

    It is a conservative area and has among the strictest laws in the nation for alcohol.

    • Ya, something tells me one would be much more careful of his/her extortions if you had coffee with armed recipients of said extortion that morning? Sounds like real America! Very nice.

  4. The very act of SEEKING public office should be an automatic disqualifier because 99+% of those seeking office are doing so in order to gain power over others. The BEST way to deal with the needs of having a legislative body is
    to create minimum standards of education, literacy, IQ and accomplishments
    ( as in being a taxpaying productive member of society). Then you take those standards and EVERYONE who meets those standards has their name thrown into a hat. If their name is called they serve ONE TERM in office….at a MINIMUM rate of pay equal to what a congresscritter now gets. If they can PROVE they earn more per year than that is what they get paid….for the years they are in office. After ONE TERM they are done….FOREVER. Solves a LOT of problems.

  5. There’s a fascinating disconnect there;

    “Why a certain sector of elected officials, whose job is to serve the public, are hellbent on trampling individual rights, boggles the minds of clear thinking folks.”

    Really? Clear thinking folks should understand that this trampling of individual rights, with the excuse being some arbitrary assertion of “common good”, has been the norm throughout human history. Thus it cannot possibly boggle the mind.

    Or are we so sheltered and sequestered that we believe the U.S. to be immune from the otherwise universal lure and lust for power among the corrupt? Power for the sake of power alone. Power being its own goal and justification.

    What is it then; do we believe that corruption will openly declare itself, or would it be more successful if it pretended to be on our side, on the side of truth, for as long as it could maintain the illusion?

    How stupid are we if we fail to understand that evil will portray itself to us as beauty, reason, fraternity, liberty, community, love and light?


    ” I believe it has to do with power and control. The battle over gun control is not really about guns; it is about control.”

    Thus he shows that he understands, but somehow, having his mind boggled, isn’t connecting all the dots. There’s a wiring, or switching, problem somewhere in the CPU. Maybe its malware of some kind.


    Does he, for some as-yet unexplained reason, believe that, just because elected officials’ job is, ostensibly, to “serve the public” that they pursue office for just that purpose? And if pursuing office for “just that purpose”, do politicians, generally, believe that “service to the public” means, specifically, upholding the letter and spirit of the constitution and Bill of Rights?

    Why would anyone believe any of that, given the centuries of counter-evidence of world history? For to believe something one must, presumably, have clear, specific and readily-explained reasons for said belief.

    I’ll have to keep saying it— Until we have some clear and solid grasp of that which we are up against (or, more correctly; of that which is up against us), we’ll never be able to address it appropriately.

    This is total war. Total onslaught against the truth and against human liberty (the two of which are inseparable).

    Further; being a total war against the truth, it is total war against the giver and only source of truth; God and God’s law, embodied in the Decalogue, and clarified and completed in the precepts of Christ.

    I could launch into a detailed description of the “Beast” and the “Second Beast” and how together they are, as we scratch our heads in confusion, alarm and frustration, working tirelessly (and successfully) to bring the whole world together into ecumenical harmony, into a church/state alliance “for the common good”, which will bring about a global, fascist system more terrible and destructive than the world has yet seen. But if I did all of that, who would take any notice?

    We are several hundred years behind the curve when it comes to understanding all of this (to say nothing of actually responding to it), and as such we are in the process of falling into destruction in the enemy’s traps.

    If we cannot so much as identify the enemy (thus failing to understand the nature of the conflict), then we have no basis, no foundation, on which to stand up to it. The enemy remains inside of our OODA Loop. and so even our best and most valiant efforts will have amounted to nothing. We’ll desperately search for every possible angle of attack, while excluding the only right one.

    • Hmm… Right now we’re both so predictable playing a long game that we are losing step by step. Three-D printing and other ‘home’ manufacturing perhaps offer an advantage in speed, but then I’m reminded that the Pope’s or King’s men have a habit of making more and more illegal. Even grinding stones were made illegal so that the King’s mill would profit.

      And without legal standing in society you become outlaws. Perhaps our problem is that we are not willing to become those outlaws. After all, we live in the richest society in history and are willing participants reluctant to give up the good life.

      So we ‘follow’ the law and work within our society trying somewhat fruitlessly to tailor it more to our liking while hoping for the balance of power to swing our way.

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