Quote of the day—Tade Winslow @SolidarityPimp

I don’t give a shit about the second amendment, and I think it would be nothing short of hilarious if all of your guns were taken away.

Tade Winslow @SolidarityPimp
Tweeted on February 1, 2020
[Don’t ever let anyone tell you that no one want to take your guns.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tade Winslow @SolidarityPimp

  1. As it’s said, “Come and take them”.

    We will see who has the last laugh. 😉

    Another Piss Ant.

  2. That’s a coincidence Tade. I don’t care about the 2A either. 2A is just our forefathers vain attempt at stopping, “the fools burnt finger, from waffling back to the fire!” A warning politicians have done their best to ignore for like, the entire human history.
    The only 2 amens I have are for what Coldsteel just wrote. Amen, and, Amen! You piss ant.

  3. Translation: “I am deeply ignorant of history,human nature, government, and civil rights, I applaud oppression of the weak by tyrants and criminals, and I am proud to tell the world just how stupid and ignorant I am!”

  4. All of these leftists who wish for this don’t see how it would happen. They think that the law will be passed and most people will obediently turn them in. The ones who do not will be hunted down and jailed. If any resist, who cares? All of the bleeding will be done by people they hate- gun owners, cops, and the military.

    What they don’t see is just how Fourth Generation warfare happens. In 4GW, there is no such thing as a non-combatant, nor are any targets off limits. Since it appears that any fight brought about by the elimination of RKBA and subsequent attempts at confiscation would be a battle between the large cities and the people who supply them with food, water, and electricity, this war would likely result in massive disruptions of these idiots lives.

    Alone and cold in the dark with no water and no food, they will demand that the government force those country hillbillies in flyover country into supplying them with the goods needed to get their soy latte fix.

  5. “…I think it would be nothing short of hilarious if all of your guns were taken away.”

    So criminals can, finally, totally, have their way with the world. That’s what we’re really talking about here, isn’t it; the wholesale exercise of coercive power, without restraints?

    How many of you know what this means?;
    “The prince of the world cometh.”

    • Either Wednesday, 03 Nov 2032, or 05 Nov 2036, when the coercive Dems finally realize they are going to jail, and the legit reins of power forever beyond their grasp, and they go terminally BSC when they run out of thorazine,, haldol, and Prozak at the same time.

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