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This is a doable and sensible solution in solving our ever growing mass shooting horror in the United States.

There are about 15 million assault rifles out there. Many owners own more than one. So we are talking about 7 million individuals or less than 2% of our population who along with the NRA are running roughshod over the rest of us.

99% of mass shooting are from white male losers who are above all else gun enthusiasts.  We cannot red flag them all.

There is zero chance we can take their guns away.

The standard owner of an assault rifle uses a 40 round clip which can be all be fired in a few seconds.

There is no reason for more than six shots other than murdering co workers, movie goers, shoppers, worshipers and school children.

The only viable solution is to reduce the number of rounds a semi automatic weapon can fire before stopping and reloading and giving some brave soul a chance to stop it.

September 4, 2019
Sensible and doable Gun Control – Six is Enough
[I won’t bother to fisk this. The errors are blatant enough any of my frequent readers could do it without effort.

Beyond the errors, he has no concern for the constitutional issues.

He goes on to say the government should “buy back” all guns that are capable of self containing more than six rounds and replace all magazines that can hold more than five rounds with five round magazines.

Don’t ever let someone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. Are mass killings in America mostly committed by American white men?

    I’m really irritated by the constant assumption that mass shootings are predominately committed by White American men. I’ve been collecting this info for some time.

    2019 – Kansas City (Kansas) bar shooting of four Americans – two Hispanic males (immigrant?)
    2019 – Beaumont (Texas) shooting of four roommates – African-American male
    2019 – San Fernando Valley (California) rampage shooting of four Americans – Hispanic male (immigrant?)
    2019 – St Louis (Missouri) apartment building shooting of five Americans – two African-American males
    2019 – San Jose (California) shooting of four Americans – Vietnamese male immigrant
    2019 – Yakima (Washington) robbery shooting of five Americans – two Native-American males
    2019 – Virginia Beach (Virginia) office shooting of 12 Americans – African-American male
    2019 – West Chester (Ohio) shooting of four Americans – male immigrant from India
    2019 – Clinton (Mississippi) shooting of four Americans – Vietnamese male (immigrant?)
    2019 – Aurora (Illinois) factory shooting of five Americans – African-American male
    2019 – Palm Springs (California) shooting of four Americans – Hispanic male immigrant
    2019 – Rockmart (Georgia) shooting of four Americans – African-American male
    2019 – Torrance (California) – Bowling Alley shooting of three Americans – African-American male
    2018 – Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) – Basement drug shooting of four Americans – African-American male
    2018 – Chicago (Illinois) – Hospital shooting of three Americans – Hispanic male
    2018 – Aberdeen (Maryland) – Rite Aid shooting of three Americans – African-American female
    2018 – Bakersfield (California) – Spree shooting of five Americans – Hispanic-American male immigrant
    2018 – Cincinnati (Ohio) Fifth -Third killing of three Americans – Puerto Rican male immigrant.
    2018 – Annapolis (Maryland) – Newspaper shooting of five Americans – Hispanic-American male.
    2018 – Yountville (California) – Shooting of three Americans – Chinese-American male
    2018 – Parkland (Florida) – Shooting of 17 Americans – Hispanic-American male.
    2017 – San Francisco (California) – UPS shooting of three Americans – Asian-American male.
    2017 – Bogue Chitto (Mississippi) – Shooting of eight Americans – African-American male
    2017 – Fresno (California) – Shooting of four Americans – African-American male (probably Islam related).
    2017 – Fort Lauderdale (Florida) – Airport shooting of five Americans – Puerto Rican male (probably Islam related).
    2016 – Los Angeles (California) – Party shooting of four Americans – Jamaican-African male immigrant
    2016 – Burlington (Washington) – Mall shooting of five Americans – Turkish male immigrant (probably Islam related).
    2016 – Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Shooting of three American police officers – African-American male
    2016 – Dallas (Texas) Shooting of five American police officers – African-American male
    2016 – Orlando (Florida) Shooting of 49 Americans – Afghan-American male (2nd generation) (probably Islam related).
    2016 – High Point HS (Maryland) Shooting of three Americans – Asian-American male
    2015 – Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino (California) shooting of 14 Americans – Pakistani-American male (2nd generation) & Pakistani female immigrant (probably Islam related).
    2015 – Umpqua (Oregon) Community College shooting of nine Americans – half-Black male immigrant
    2015 – Chattanooga (Tennessee) shootings of five American military men – Kuwaiti male immigrant (probably Islam related).
    2014 – Alturas (California) shooting of four Americans – Native-American female
    2014 – Springfield (Missouri) shooting of four Americans – African-American male
    2014 – Marysville (Washington) shooting of four Americans – Native-American male
    2014 – Santa Barbara (California) college killing of six Americans – half-Asian male immigrant
    2014 – Fort Hood (Texas) shooting, four Americans killed – Puerto Rican male immigrant
    2013 – Washington Navy Yard (DC) shooting, 12 Americans killed – African-American male
    2013 – Hialeah (Florida) shooting of six Americans – Cuban male immigrant
    2013 – Boston (Massachusetts) Marathon killings, five Americans died – two Chechen male immigrants (probably Islam related).
    2012 – Miami (Florida), three Americans shot – Haitian male immigrant
    2012 – Oikos University (California) shooting of seven Americans – Korean male immigrant
    2011 – Permanente Quarry (California) shooting of three Americans – African-American male
    2011 – Carson City (Nevada) IHOP killing of four Americans – Mexican male immigrant
    2010 – Hartford Distributors (Connecticut) shooting of eight Americans – African-American male
    2009 – Fort Hood (Texas) shooting, 13 American soldiers killed – Palestinian-American male (2nd generation) (probably Islam related).
    2009 – Lakewood (Washington) shooting of four American police officers – African-American male
    2009 – Binghamton (New York) shooting of 13 Americans – Vietnamese male immigrant
    2007 – Virginia Tech (Virginia) shooting killing 32 Americans – Korean male immigrant
    2007 – Salt Lake City (Utah) shopping mall, five Americans killed – Bosnian male immigrant (probably Islam related).
    2005 – Red Lake (Minnesota) shooting of 10 Americans – Native-American male
    2004 – Birchwood (Wisconsin) killing of six Americans – Hmong male immigrant
    2004 – ConAgra (Kansas) killing of five Americans – African-American male
    2003 – Windy City Core Supply warehouse Chicago (Illinois) in 2003, six Americans killed – Mexican male immigrant
    2003 – Huntsville (Alabama) shooting of four Americans – African-American male
    2002 – D.C. Sniper (Washington DC Metro Area) killing of 17 Americans – African-American male and Jamaican-African male immigrant (probably Islam related).
    2001 – Navistar International (Illinois) shooting of four Americans – African-American male
    2000 – Queens Wendy’s (New York) killing of five Americans – African-American male
    2000 – Mi-T-Fine Car Wash (Texas) shootings of six Americans – African-American male
    1997 – Phelon Company (South Carolina) massacre of four Americans – African-American male
    1996 – Aurora Chuck E. Cheese (Colorado) killing of four Americans – African-American male
    1996 – Fort Lauderdale (Florida) shooting of five Americans – African-American male
    1996 – Tardy Furniture (Mississippi) killing of four Americans – African-American male
    1993 – Long Island (New York) Railroad massacre, six Americans dead – Jamaican male immigrant
    1993 – 101 California Street San Francisco (California) shootings of nine Americans – Ethiopian male immigrant
    1990 – GMAC massacre Jacksonville (Florida) 11 Americans killed – African-American male
    1987 – Flight 1771 massacre of 42 Americans – Jamaican-African male immigrant.
    1983 – Wah Mee Gambling Club in Seattle (Washington) shooting of 13 Americans – three Chinese immigrant males,
    1973 – Los Angeles gas station (California) shootings of seven Americans – African-American male
    1964 – Flight 773 massacre of 44 Americans – Filipino male immigrant.

    • Very good Hank. Problem is it doesn’t fit the narrative. You might as well point out that most murder is committed in big cities controlled by would be communist. In areas mostly controlled by black and brown gangs.
      I’m sorry, your going to have to bring a better argument than logic, reason, and empirical proof.
      P.S. White people made them do it.

    • I believe this does a good job of expressing the number of “non-whites” that have committed mass shootings in the US. Do you have this with the white males also included?

      When presenting lists like this, the fact that events like the Parkland shooting and Sandy Hook shooting are left out makes it harder to use when having a fact discussion with others.

      • Only if you except their premises. That white male losers are the problem. And argue on their terms. We should get all gushy about Sandy Hook. And not about Detroit? Baltimore? Mexico?
        A murder map of America shows most gun violence to be in a few cities. And even then in only a few neighborhoods. In mostly heavy gun controlled areas.
        You have to be a racist to look at things the way they do.
        Mexico is 98% Mexican with gun control. With higher murder rates.
        White aren’t a problem. Guns aren’t a problem. Race isn’t the problem. Richmond proved it. Don’t ever except their premises as a basis for discussion. Its generally a lie of some kind.

  2. My state Senator responded to an email with this lovely phrase:
    “I understand the value that you provide by making sports safer and by providing an enjoyable hobby, as well as places for hunters and law enforcement professionals to maintain their skills.”

    My response to her was:
    “The right to keep and bear arms is not about sports or hobbies. It is about personal responsibility for the safety of myself, my family, my community and my country. The fact that it is also a sport, hobby and fun is a secondary fact. Would you be willing to say my rights to free speech, freedom to practice my religion, freedom to address my government for redress of grievances is a “hobby” or a “sport?” Or to imply that these right were documented to ensure leisure activities?”

    She was replying to my emails within about 4 hours of me sending one. She has now stopped replying.

    But I will continue to contact my representatives as needed to make my position heard. She might not be listening, but standing up for your rights makes a difference.

    • I had exactly the same thing happen with an Idaho Legislator some years ago. She could agree with me only up to a relatively meaningless level, i.e. “sports” or some such blather. Such is the way of the world.

      • I try to keep in mind that my representatives are in contact with more people than just me. While my call/email to her might be the big political event of the week for me, it is likely one of a hundred for her.

        She might not have the time to reply or to have a discussion.

        As soon as I get some down time, I plan to clean up a bit and head up to the state capitol and talk to my reps in person.

  3. Mr. Rackjite’s logic tells him that he can’t take firearms away from all us WML’s, (white male losers). But he thinks we will give up our magazines? Or limit them to six rounds?
    Glad i’m pushing the tail end of life!

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  5. Once again, and forever; the authoritarian mind does not concern itself with (fellow) criminals. Criminals can be handy to have around, so as to provide excuses and cover for the advancement of authoritarianism, exactly as we’re seeing done in the quote. It’s an ages-old tactic.

    To the authoritarian (criminal) mind, the really troubling, disturbing, frightening population consists of the lawful, principled, productive, motivated, confident and aware citizens. Those people (you) comprise the greatest and most immediate threat, not only to the authoritarian system in general, but to the individual authoritarian as well. This is why, for example, Judeo/Christian Civilization must be maligned, eroded, infiltrated, corrupted and attacked in all ways possible. It is precisely why, for a more specific example, the Vatican murdered millions of Biblical Christians in the Middle Ages and continues to malign and attack them today.

    Race of course has nothing to do with anything, except that it’s another convenient way to foment divisions, change allegiances, use people’s own pride against them, and generally fabricate distractions in all ways possible.

    The precise target in all of this is the Decalogue along with anyone who ascribes to it, and it doesn’t take a lot of study to understand why.

  6. So now we can blame mass shootings on gun enthusiast white males? Right……. that’s simply a stereo type gun hater excuse. Also note in many mass shootings a pistol was used, not always a “big bad scary black” rifle “capable of killing everyone within 300 miles and carrying 9000 rounds of ammunition”….. 😉

  7. If I can be trusted with 10 [or 6], I can be trusted with 20.
    If I can’t be trusted with 11 [or 7], I can’t be trusted with 1.

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