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January 22, 2020
Comment to Quote of the day—Anonymous
[Interesting prophecy.

I wouldn’t bet* on it.—Joe]

* My last bet was in 2008 and before that it was 2001 and I haven’t lost a bet since I was in grade school. I only bet on things I’m extremely likely to win. Hence, my disinclination to bet on Riverdog’s prediction coming true does not mean that I think he is almost certainly wrong. It only means I don’t think he is extremely likely to be correct.


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  1. I believe the quote about human nature has long been proven. That being, Humans are disposed to suffer, where evils are sufferable. Rather than right themselves.
    If war comes it will probably be from a bond market collapse. Rather than over guns.

  2. I agree. Any prediction that simply extrapolates from current conditions has an uncertainty that exponentially increases as a function of time. The biggest fallacy of this kind of prediction is that it does not allow for a dynamic (intelligent) response.

    In Riverdog’s case, if a small percentage of leftists resort to violence after a Trump win, then Trump would be more than justified to use the full weight of the government to restore order. So Riverdog could even be right about the event, but wrong about the magnitude, the consequences, and the solution.

    I’m sure that you can think of many other possibilities.

    I think that the one ‘good’ step at a time is much more problematic because the ballon never goes up.

    Thanks for posting this thread.

  3. In 1969 Charles Manson tried to start a “race war”, riding the wave of riots over the previous couple of years, including a riot at the Democratic Party convention in 1968. The “war” still hasn’t happened. One little group here and there perpetrating violence, theft and murder is a series of crimes, not a war in the conventional sense.

    It is a slow, on-going war though, in the sense that the left always manages to move the legislative process “forward” toward authoritarianism (with or without help from the Republicans). In that sense, our country has been at “war” since its inception. This, as Chet seems to have put it, is Progressivism; incremental change over time, as opposed to a precipitous, violent revolution. If there is any compelling reason for the Progressives to change their tune, I’m not seeing it.

    Looking at recent history then, it seems likely enough that we’ll see another riot similar to the ’68 Democrat convention riot, but that would be no more than a continuance of what’s been going on for generations.

    Let’s not forget our history then. Maybe some of you weren’t around in the 1960s, and maybe you haven’t learned about your own national, political history of the 20th Century, but I remember these things because I lived through them. I can tell you that the Parties and the media have been fighting this “war” (of using misinformation, misdirection and lack or reporting on pertinent facts, and using criminals as agitators) since well before I was born and they haven’t shown any signs (that I can see) of changing their tactics.

    We do keep wondering however, when the leftist (authoritarian) machine (Democrats and Republicans) will decide that there’s been enough Progressivism, and that final step precipitously. We must keep in mind though, that this war is a global war, and so it is necessary to understand a bit of what’s going on elsewhere in the world.

    “For we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with principalities…” Eph 6:12

  4. The civil war begins sometime in the next 12 years, or it never happens. After 12 more years of current trends, the USA will be both insolvent and majority non-American.

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