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Ultimately, the egregiously and flagrantly unConstitutional Brady handgun Control Act of 1993 must be rescinded, repealed, or otherwise struck down with extreme prejudice. It threatens our entire Constitutional form of government under the rule of law.

Donald L. Cline
January 22, 2020
A Thesis on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and how to reverse the damage
[I’ve been says politicians enacting, or even introducing, firearms restrictions should be prosecuted for violation of 18 USC 242. In this post it is brought up, as also suggested many times by Paul Koning (see here, here, here, here, here, etc.), such politicians can also be impeached for perjury. This is because they violate their oath of office to uphold the constitution.

I would rather it be prison with the potential for a death sentence (all the easier to get guilty pleas). But I’d be willing to consider a compromise on that point.—Joe]


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  1. Hear hear! And of course there’s no reason to single out the Brady Bill. “Gun control” laws, being designed to give the law-breaker an advantage over the law-abider, are all just as bad.

    It started with “Jim Crow” and became official with the NFA of 1934. Then, as is the tactic of Progressivism, once the population had been for a generation accustomed to the insinuation of false authority over the right to keep and bear arms, that false authority was massively expanded in 1968.

    Same as it ever was; once that camel is allowed to poke his nose into your tent, it’s all over. That camel is moving in permanently unless you give him a bloody nose he’ll never, ever forget.

    Today the camel is so much a part of our household that both we and the camel refer to the arrangement in the form of the collective “we”. “We’re all in this together” says the camel, as he recounts how you “invited” him into your tent (which, America did, simply by NOT giving him a bloody nose!).

    Blame sharing is common, popular, and successful among the tactics of evil, e.g. “it takes two to make a fight”, we are told, so as to insinuate both parties as being equally guilty, to which I reply, Yes it takes two; one perpetrator (the sole guilty party), plus one defender.

    Under the doctrine of shared built, the perpetrator is more than happy to have you share in his punishment, knowing that your only other alternative is that you do nothing to stop him! It was his goal all along to spread his pain.

    By complying with anti-constitution measures, we are accepting that camel of false authority as real. In the mind of the beast, we are officially granting him his presumption of authority. Thus it will be said that we “invited” it, and thus the blame for the horrors and destruction which happen as the result will be shared blame.

    And of course, left un-corrected, eventually your “camel” in this analogy will kill you, drink your blood, rape your children, dance on your bones, and take over your “tent”, saying and demonstrating that he is the rightful heir of your tent. The beast which once pretended to “serve you” now openly considers itself your lord and master, even your god, and frankly that beast has no particular reason to think otherwise.

    That process in America is nearing its latter stages, its overall trend showing no signs of reversing.

    Of course I refer to the anti-Christ, the “small horn power” as all the Protestant world once understood it. That arrogant and presumptuous beast has insinuated itself into society as “Christianity” but the concept works just as well for America and her abandoned (or usurped) principles as it does for Christianity and it’s abandoned or usurped principles.

    It’s the same machinery which grinds both of them down, and transforms them into a mockery of their founding precepts. It’s a mocking power which, fat in the finery of its plunder, prances and struts in front of the world. And the people cheer, and wonder after its power and glory!

    So long as we look to that system for the cure to that system, we’re reinforcing that system.

  2. Well said. Mr. Cline drove the nail home with one short column! If we could only take it to heart. As finding away forward is always the problem. I believe most of those in power will never consent to such regulation.
    He forgot to mention that signing a statement under the “penalty of perjury” was a violation of ones fifth amendment. As after signing your own statement can be used against you in court. Thus compelling you to be a witness against yourself.
    Its very apparent why they want to control education. Independent, educated, well armed people are the least desirable of subjects.

  3. If such a blatantly unconstitutional law as the Brady Bill hasn’t been seriously challenged let alone struck down after TWENTY SEVEN BLEEPING YEARS it’s NOT GOING TO BE. It…..like the 1934 NFA and the 1968 GCA abominations
    are now set in legal stone and aren’t EVER going to be touched. Getting rid of these laws will now require torches, pitchforks, tar and rope….lots of rope.

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