Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

Following a peaceful gathering of law-abiding gun owners protesting the gun control extremism of Northam and his Democrat colleagues in the General Assembly.

Northam’s paranoid emergency disarmament order ignored years of peaceful tradition and treated Commonwealth gun owners as common criminals. It appears to us that his true motive was not public safety, but discouraging as many angry Virginia grassroots activists as he could from participating in Monday’s rally.

Ralph Northam owes his citizens an apology. His gun-hating hysteria has spawned a remarkable Second Amendment Sanctuary movement that we support and hope to see expand in the months ahead. Grassroots gun enthusiasts are fed up. We are tired of being treated like second-class citizens because we defend the Second Amendment that Northam would like to destroy.

Alan Gottlieb
CCRKBA Chairman
[He owes much more than that. He owes the people of Virginia time in prison and some heavy fines for banning guns at the rally.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

  1. Here, Here Joe! Northam owes much. Respect would be a good start. Let’s demand that first and foremost! I’ve never been happier to say I was wrong in my life! And never prouder of my people! Virginia proved that gun owners are the backbone of this nation. They proved to the world that gun control is a lie. Thousands of people armed in one place and not even one AD for the media to jump on!
    Let it ring from the hills, Gun control is a lie! And all those that think upon it be tyrants unfit for civilized society!

  2. “…peaceful gathering of law-abiding gun owners…”
    “…paranoid emergency disarmament order ignored years of peaceful tradition…”
    “His gun-hating hysteria…”
    “[Gun owners] treated like second-class citizens…”

    I don’t believe that Gottlieb quite understands what we’re up against. It is not hysteria, and it is not paranoia, nor is it ignorance or a lack of understanding or a lack of common sense. Rather, our enemy is using an old, tried and true, cold, calculating methodology, which works. And it works well. Not only is there intelligence behind it, there is a powerful intelligence behind it, probably superior to our own. Furthermore it is not constrained, as we are and must remain, by conscience, decency, morality, or law.

    The left, the Powers That Should Not Be, are not worried about criminals and crime, for they’ve used criminals as allies and de facto allies for generations. They’re worried about good people. They hate the law-abiding and the knowledgeable and they hate the righteous.

    To protest one’s status as a good, peaceful and productive citizen then, is to tell the left what they already know. It is to identify yourself as their enemy which they hate with a burning passion. It is useless.

    So long as we fail to realize this, and we fail to incorporate that realization fully into our thoughts, responses and other actions, and so long as we believe the enemy to be irrational, paranoid, hysterical or ignorant, that enemy remains well inside of our OODA Loop, toying with us, biding its time. We are in the process of failing, just like all the others before us who were defeated by the same enemy using the same tactics.

    There is hope however. For one thing, although the enemy knows more than we do, one of the things it knows is that it will fail in the end, completely, and so its best efforts and best possible accomplishment will be merely to take a bunch of us down with it.

    And don’t bother appealing to “tradition”. It’s one of the enemy’s favorite fall-backs, or smoke-screens. Tradition, having no inherent meaning or value except to evoke sentimentality or other emotions, or to change the subject, has nothing to do with anything. Tradition is a substitute for meaning, or a distraction from the meaning-at-hand. We must reject and dismiss the ruse.

    And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 5:11

    • “To protest one’s status as a good, peaceful and productive citizen then, is to tell the left what they already know.”

      It’s not about us anyway. That’s one of the tricks; to get us defending ourselves while the criminal presumes to sit in judgment. THAT is exactly where he wants us, and him!

      STOP IT!

      This is not about us! It’s about the fundamental principles. We are indefensible, so to make this about ourselves is folly. Those principles of liberty (The Perfect Law of Liberty) on the other hand, which we uphold, are totally blameless.

    • It’s still one ‘good’ step at a time. The Ds are persistent and do not take any setback as a lesson or as a need to change. They just try again, and again… One success in a hundred is a win. Loosing is not a concept that they accept.

      The Ds are also lacking any limits on what they will do. They can without guilt, even enthusiastically, use the ends justify the means.

      Meanwhile, we watch dismayed by the drip-drip erosion of our rights and culture powerless to call a halt to the process. It reminds me of the fable of the Boiling Frog.

      • To me the beauty of this is that the most impatient people on earth are these brainwashed commies. Overreach will get you your ass handed to you in a fight. Sure it was all lost on the BS Cartel, (Bloomberg/ Soro cartel). Great!
        Do you think any of those cops on the street missed the point yesterday? That’s the win.

        • Yes, to the extent that they overreach and I do detect more and more impatience. If they go all in we could see a repeat of Regan and the flight controllers.

          And yesterday was a loss for Ds, but will it make them pause or will they just continue? Hillary and Ds still have not accepted that they lost in 2016.

          • The only thing that changed on 1/20/20 was the lie the commies keep telling the world.
            It showed the world we stand on the moral high ground. Not the government.
            And it was an important shot across their bow for the world to see.
            Like the Declaration of Independence. The king could have stopped right there. Said let talk about this. Yesterday was the facts being submitted to a candid world. And if another portion of American history is wrote in blood its on the lefts hands.

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