Washington state gun bills

Via email last Wednesday from Luis:

Take a look at these bills, I am making my list, and planning my trips to Olympia, is the step we will easily pass the 100 mark bills this session

Some times people show up to the rallies, what is sad, is that people do not intervene at the public hearings, is really powerful when you show up from each one of the corners of Washington state to speak these bill restricting our rights
I really dont want to be on my own this year,   I hope you can spread the word . 

New Bills today

HB 2555 By Representative Goodman
Concerning background check requirements for firearms classified as other under
federal firearms laws.

HB 2569 By Representatives Wylie, Cody, Gregerson, Pollet and Tarleton
Authorizing pretrial detention for certain offenses involving firearms.

SB 6288 By Senators Dhingra, Pedersen, Frockt, Carlyle, Wilson, C., Kuderer and Das
Creating the Washington office of firearm violence prevention.

SB 6289 By Senators Dhingra, Kuderer, Lovelett, Darneille, Carlyle, Wilson, C. and Das
Concerning the restoration of the right to possess a firearm.


HB 2467 By Representatives Hansen, Irwin, Griffey, Barkis and Wylie
Establishing a centralized single point of contact background check system for
firearms transfers.
Referred to Committee on CIVIL RIGHTS & JUDICIARY.

HB 2411 By Representatives Orwall, Kilduff, Gildon, Leavitt, Paul, Cody, Davis, Pollet,
Goodman, Wylie and Doglio
Preventing suicide.

HB 2473 By Representatives Goodman and Wylie
Concerning domestic violence.
Referred to Committee on PUBLIC SAFETY

HB 2202 By Representative Klippert
Exempting law enforcement from firearm safety training requirements for
semiautomatic assault rifle purchases or transfers.

HB 2305 By Representative Doglio
Concerning firearms laws concerning persons subject to vulnerable adult protection

House :

Bills In Committee

Bill Flags Title Status Veto Date Original
HB 1022 Docs Pistol sales database H Civil R & Judi 01/14/2019 Walsh
HB 1024 Docs f Firearm owners database H Civil R & Judi 01/14/2019 Walsh
HB 1038 Docs Firearms/school employees H Civil R & Judi 01/14/2019 Walsh
SHB 1068 Docs d High capacity magazines H Civil R & Judi 01/13/2020 Valdez
HB 1073 Docs fd# Undetectable firearms H Civil R & Judi 01/14/2019 Valdez
HB 1097 Docs Firearms/health information H Civil R & Judi 01/14/2019 Walsh
HB 1098 Docs Unsafe storage of firearms H Civil R & Judi 01/14/2019 Walsh
HB 1203 Docs Lost or stolen firearms H Civil R & Judi 01/16/2019 Doglio
HB 1286 Docs fd# Assault weapons ban H Civil R & Judi 01/18/2019 Peterson
HB 1315 Docs f Concealed pistol training H Civil R & Judi 01/18/2019 Lovick
HB 1319 Docs Firearm open carry/local gov H Civil R & Judi 01/18/2019 Wylie
HB 1346 Docs f Lead exposure in youth H Civil R & Judi 01/18/2019 Pollet
HB 1374 Docs Local gov firearm regulation H Civil R & Judi 01/21/2019 Macri
HB 1439 Docs Concealed firearm permission H Civil R & Judi 01/22/2019 Doglio
HB 1464 Docs fd# Concealed pistol licenses H Civil R & Judi 01/22/2019 Goodman
HB 1511 Docs Firearm training/private H Civil R & Judi 01/23/2019 Klippert
HB 1530 Docs f# Weapons in certain locations H Civil R & Judi 01/23/2019 Davis
HB 1541 Docs Weapon possession/orders H Civil R & Judi 01/23/2019 Jinkins
HB 1671 Docs Confiscated firearm disposal H Civil R & Judi 01/28/2019 Dolan
HB 1763 Docs Active shooter event/schools H Civil R & Judi 01/30/2019 Young
HB 1774 Docs Extreme risk protect. orders H Civil R & Judi 01/30/2019 Jinkins
HB 1814 Docs Involuntary treatment act H Civil R & Judi 01/31/2019 Orwall
HB 2124 Docs CPL/firearm possession H Civil R & Judi 02/25/2019 Dufault
HB 2196 Docs ERPO issuance & enforcement H Civil R & Judi 01/13/2020 Walsh
HB 2202 Docs Law enf./firearm training H Civil R & Judi 01/13/2020 Klippert
HB 2223 Docs Firearm prohibit. liability H Civil R & Judi 01/13/2020 Walsh
HB 2240 Docs d High capacity magazines H Civil R & Judi 01/13/2020 Valdez
HB 2241 Docs e Assault weapons H Civil R & Judi 01/13/2020 Peterson
HB 2301 Docs Competency to stand trial H Civil R & Judi 01/13/2020 Kilduff
HB 2305 Docs Vulnerable adults/firearms H Civil R & Judi 01/13/2020 Doglio
HB 2467 Docs Firearm background checks H Civil R & Judi 01/14/2020 Hansen
HB 2519 Docs d Ammunition H Civil R & Judi 01/15/2020 Walen
HB 2555 Docs Other firearms/background H Civil R & Judi 01/15/2020 Goodman
HB 2571 Docs d Fish and wildlife violations H Civil R & Judi 01/15/2020 Goodman

Bills Out of Committee

SHB 1010 Docs Forfeited firearms/WSP H Rules C 03/21/2019 Senn
HB 1047 Docs Limited jdx. court comm’rs H Rules C 03/21/2019 Jinkins
HB 1149 Docs Sex. assault protect. orders C 258 L 19 05/07/2019 Jinkins
EHB 1465 Docs af# Pistol sales or transfers C 244 L 19 05/07/2019 Goodman
HB 1589 Docs f Correctional emps/firearms C 231 L 19 04/30/2019 Chapman
SHB 1648 Docs f Suicide awareness & prevent. H Approps 02/22/2019 Orwall
SHB 1739 Docs afd# Firearms/undetectable, etc. C 243 L 19 05/07/2019 Valdez
HB 1934 Docs f# Pistol license/armed forces C 135 L 19 04/24/2019 Caldier
SHB 1949 Docs f Firearm background checks C 35 L 19 04/17/2019 Hansen
ESSB 5027 Docs a Extreme risk protect. orders C 246 L 19 05/07/2019 Frockt
SB 5083 Docs Indian tribe records C 39 L 19 04/17/2019 McCoy
SB 5205 Docs af Incomp. for trial/firearms C 248 L 19 05/07/2019 Dhingra
SB 5508 Docs afd# Concealed pistol licenses C 249 L 19 05/07/2019 Fortunato
SB 5551 Docs af# Courthouse dog assistance C 398 L 19 05/13/2019 Dhingra
SSB 5560 Docs af# Elected officials/disputes C 463 L 19 05/21/2019 Padden
E2SSB 5720 Docs f# Involuntary treatment act S 3rd Reading 01/13/2020 Dhingra
SB 5782 Docs Spring blade knives S Rules 3 04/28/2019 Zeiger


9 thoughts on “Washington state gun bills

  1. Wow. That is a huge raft of unconstitutional and intellectually incoherent proposals. More than usual. And to think this state used to be reasonably sane WRT gun laws.

  2. I am so very glad I’ve left the State, for Montana. The gun laws here aren’t completely sane, but they haven’t devolved the way that they have in Washington, and the culture here is a good deal more sane than in the Puget Sound region.

    The Real Kurt

  3. Wow, this is madness. I expected new laws, but not this many attempts.

    And this list does not include climate change, etc.

    Kansas is starting to look really good.

  4. I don’t really have a dog in this fight, having been to Washington twice in my life, once was for Boomershoot. I am only sorry that I would not carry much weight to oppose the insanity.

    I should add the other time was for a gun rights conference, in 1998.

  5. This is how the commie demonrats work. They NEVER GIVE UP. Every single legislative session….often MULTIPLE TIMES during a session they pull out these ‘bills’, proposed laws that are written BY commies seeking to gain power.
    They introduce them OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER…..year after year, decade upon decade knowing that they might get shot down 99 times but that 100th time the law gets passed, rights get destroyed and THEY WIN. It’s the ULTIMATE death by a thousand cuts strategy. And they do it because IT COSTS THEM NOTHING. The TAXPAYER pays ALL the costs of these assaults on liberty INCLUDING their
    salaries while in office or infesting some public position. Till ‘we the people’ start
    making them PAY DEARLY at a personal level for their incessant eternal attempts to destroy us and our freedom they have ZERO reason to stop and EVERY reason to continue.

  6. We know Bloomberg is planning to spend up to $1B to buy the next election. This seems to be part of his work.

  7. Soros, et al, and his supporting cabal, have been spending heavily on state and bog city races, buying controlled DAs and what-not, to compromise the systems. If he can won key nodes in each branch – a few key senators and representatives, judges, and prosecutors, it becomes impossible to actually get fair justice. You have only an illusion of it as the process slowly grinds you down, when they have unlimited tax dollars.

    Q and the storm are making headway on rooting out the rot. They know their time is limited. They have to push through as much as they can, appearances and consequences be damned, be cause it’s literally do-or-die time for many of them. The more things they can distract the common man with, the more chances hey have to slip something by while we are distracted. While we are fighting all this crap, what else are they doing as our attention is on this red cape?

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