Quote of the day—David Christovich,

If insane gun-toting gunmen didn’t have guns, they wouldn’t use guns to shoot people, insanely, with their guns. This is the sort of analytical logic that I really go for. Still, I’d take it a step further and outlaw the knives, including machetes, Swiss Army knives and so-called “butter” knives. Candlesticks and frozen pork loins are also lethal weapons, as are “assault anvils” that can be dropped from tall buildings onto pedestrians’ heads. People don’t kill people, inanimate objects kill people! If these Second Amendment gun nuts are so fired up about “rights,” let’s not dismiss the constitutional right of cognitively disadvantaged nonconformists to follow their impetuous dreams.

David Christovich
January 10, 2020
Letter to the Editor: Common-sense gun control?
[I’m going to let you guys figure it out from here.—Joe]


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  1. Don’t forget the infamous bags of frozen squirrels. Assault frozen squirrels.

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