Lying is what they do

From Virginia:

“I just have to say that this is something that’s been recommended by our Capitol Police. And I think there are times when we sort of have to trust what our law enforcement officers are telling us,” House Majority Leader Charniele Herring said.

But Capitol Police Col. Anthony Pike said after the vote that he made no recommendations on whether guns should be banned, only on how to implement the ban Democrats wanted. The new policy will require that everyone entering the Capitol, except for lawmakers, must go through a metal detector.

GOP lawmakers accused Democrats of rushing through an unnecessary policy and then trying to lay it at the feet of Capitol Police.

“That was a deliberate misrepresentation,” said GOP Del. Kirk Cox. “There’s just no way around that.”

Lying. It’s part of their nature.


3 thoughts on “Lying is what they do

  1. The left has for generations refered to police as “pigs”, specifically and repeatedly accusing them of being cold-blooded hunter-killers of non whites. That is a tactic of agitation. It is likewise a tactic when they say we “sort of have to trust” police when it suits their cause to do so.

    They’re disingenuous, to put it mildly, in both (and all) cases. Such is Babylon. The hypocrisy itself is a feature as well, serving as agitation, and as a demonstration of the things they can easily get away with (a demonstration of their power over us, we being in the compromised state that we are).

    To lie, easily, freely and blatantly, is a high privilege to them; a demonstration of their power and great authority. It is them flipping you the bird. To point a finger of accusation at them is, to them, an acknowledgement of a job well done, showing at the same time that they are relevant and that you are powerless against them (a multi-layered compliment).

    I recall the news media pundits openly and publicly marveling at Bill Clinton’s ability to lie. They even wrote essays on the potential benefits of lies. They would have been disappointed, in other words, if we hadn’t been outraged by it all. Outrage is one of their commodities in trade.

    And in other news, yes; water in its liquid state can wet. Fire, by the way, can burn, too, as Kipling wisely reminds us;
    And the gods of the copybook headings *
    With terror and slaughter return

    It’s properly seen as a warning to us, not to the left. The left will do what they do, regardless, so it’s a question of who falls for (and falls into) their covetous, lying, blasphemous, rapacious, larcenous and ultimately murderous system (the antithesis of all Ten Commandments).

    * the simple, plain and everlasting truths of everyday life

  2. If outrage is one of their commodities and we are playing into their demands by being outraged, what should our response be?

    It seems to me that a backlash is developing. People that use to be D are now saying if it has D associated with it then I want nothing to do with it. And the reason? They are outraged!

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