Quote of the day—Don Kilmer @donkilmer

Anyone who hasn’t figured out that antigun legislation is cultural warfare, and not public safety policy-making, isn’t paying attention.

The disarming of political/cultural opponents is not done for the benefit of the group that is disarmed.

Don Kilmer @donkilmer
Tweeted  on January 09, 2020
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Don Kilmer @donkilmer

  1. And de-beaking the chickens and de-horning the cattle is only secondarily to keep the animals from killing one another. It primary purpose is to, as Voltaire said, to pluck the goose so as to maximize the down and minimize the pecking.
    To totally mix the metaphors here.

  2. No doubt there are many on the left who would agree with Kilmer on that particular point. Some might even admit to their agreement.

    It is an inevitable progression that anthropogenic climate change + half the nation being declared a Basket of Deplorables = hatred of self defense among said Deplorables. Anyone can then finish that particular progression by arriving at state-sanction (or at least state-tolerated, which amounts to the same thing) mass murder.

    That progression is itself in the latter stages of the progression which starts with the declaration that there is no absolute, unchangeable (fundamental) truth.

    Next I point out that the papacy both a) upholds and proclaims its dedication the cause against “Climat Change” and b) has recently told Christians to avoid prosylitizing.

  3. So here is something to think about. You all know what has been happening in Virginia. The VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League) has been the spear head in our defense our second amendment right. Virginia now has 124 sanctuaries counties, townships and cities.

    Today I worked the gun show in Hampton Virginia for the VCDL . We had more new memberships in the first 4 hours of the show that we had all last year.
    The sleeping giant has awoken.

    I wonder how much the democrats can depend on there caucus, when their on voting base is against them?

    The NRA = MIA, someone go wake Prince Wayne from his slumber. It’s time for him to step down. Maybe he can learn to code.

  4. Kilmer, as usual, is absolutely correct. Of course, I am also left with the notion that if more people in Virginia; or here in Nevada where we’re going through our own shenanigans courtesy of the progressive majority in the Legislature and a governor bought and paid for by Michael Bloomberg, who believe as strongly in civil and natural rights as we do here had shown up and actually voted, things might have worked out better. In 26 House of Delegates districts, the voter turnout was 35% or less and the majority of those a Democrat won without being contested.

    We have to show up folks. We have to vote, and we have to bring as many of our friends and family with us that are eligible so that they can vote too.


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