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  1. as a leftist (social democrat; consider me a welfare state advocate in the Scandinavian pattern, basically) i strongly disagree. if humanity was perfect, no rules nor laws would be required; and the closer we could come to even being perfectable, the thinner the law books ought to get. that they seem to be getting thicker, in my opinion says something about the folks we elect to make our laws.

    in fact, i personally think people in general should be allowed a right to arms precisely because we’re “close enough to perfect” for that to be safe and harmless to do. look at the percentage of firearms in the USA that never get used as anything more than long distance paper punchers, or at most venison getters; clearly the vast majority of gun owners [i]can be trusted[/i]. and anything that doesn’t need to be prohibited, ought to be permitted; ergo, people should have a right to guns.

    in general, anyway. with the obvious exceptions for folks who prove through their actions that they, specifically, [i]can’t[/i] be trusted. and the USA seems to have more of those than most places, we’ve always been a violent society, more than most — yet still not so violent that more than a vanishingly small fraction of gun owners prove themselves unworthy to be so.

    but as a general rule, our species is on average more peaceful, more positively social, than not. if it were otherwise, organized peaceful society could not exist. since it does, QED; and laws should allow for that peaceful majority to do as they please, so long as they don’t slip into the violent minority.

    • Nomen,
      You’re making a provisional declaration of “rights”, apparently stating that so long as crime rates are below some insupinuated threshold, then we have “rights”.

      “…the USA seems to have more of those than most places, we’ve always been a violent society, more than most…”

      Citation needed. If you’re judging from what you see on television and in the movies, then you will QED have a tragically flawed view of reality.

      In short; a right is not provisional (even if everyone else on the planet tried to murder someone last night, I didn’t, so leave me alone – see how that works?) and the U.S. Is not uniquely violent.

      I like you, but you appear to be trying to use your intellect to decide on a “more just way” to use the coercive power of the state, whereas coercion, being in fact a crime, should be treated as the crime that it is regardless of who or what institution perpetrates it. Thus no great intellect is required, but only enough to recognize state-run coercion when one sees it, and to retaliate against it appropriately.

      But that you see is the problem; there are those who wish to demonstrate their great intellects by way of ordering whole societies (forcing, coercing, others to bow to their decisions).

  2. Baldwin left out one of the driving forces of the left (the Beast), which is hate, and the resultant desire to humiliate; the desire for power over others for the sake of power over others. Essentially it’s a desire for an excuse to commit mass larceny and murder. As George Soros is on record for saying; while clearing the homes of murdered Jews of their valuables, he never felt so alive.

    To wit; if you can stomach it, ths is worth reading in that it puts that mindset on display, in sharp relief. Other than hate, it has nothing to offer. I counted the things advocated, rather than the things condemned, and came up with, 1. Revolutionize, 2. Move on, and 3. Dance the Socialist fandango;

    It is the mindset of the duped among the left. It is the mindset of Obama, of much of Islam, and many others. It confuses hate and judgement for intellectual and moral clarity. It shows how blind one can be while believing he is demonstrating superior eyesight. It has some legitimate grievances, but rather than be specific about them and offer the ideological solutions, it uses said grievances as excuses for broad condemnation, and as excuses to advocate for more of the same; more kleptocracy, but under new rule. The actual perpetrators are far worse because they’re not so blind, but rather evil.

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