I want this for Christmas

Bolt action in .300 Win Mag for targets out to 1200 yards. It will compensate for target velocities up to 20 MPH and tracks with a precision of 0.047 MOA.

When one is available in semi-auto, 20 round magazines and will lock on targets out to 1000 yards I want one of those too.

4 thoughts on “I want this for Christmas

  1. I enjoy shooting as a sport, but the use of computers to make perfect shots when it counts? Yes please.

  2. To – sort of – continue SPQR’s thought, I’ve long thought, jokingly, that a short 20MM case (something like the 20X82 the Luftwaffe used for a while, or the 20X94 the Japanese used) necked down to about .35 or so would make a decent varmint cartridge, for various values of “varmint.”

    More seriously, a slightly shortened .50 BMG case necked down to .30-.38 could make an interesting distance round, given the proper projectile (IIRC, someone did something along those lines with the BMG case recently, but I can’t recall who, or what they ended up with; whatever it is, I suspect it dissolves barrels like acid).

    • At a gun show I once saw a cartridge called something like “.17 Head Hunter”. It was a .50 BMG necked down to .17. They said they were waiting on the development of slow enough powders before they built the gun and test fired it.


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