2 thoughts on “Virginia Democrats

  1. I remember an article from back in 1976, “Alarmists Are Always Right.”
    The seducer always says there is no slippery slope, but what have we lived through since the Progressives first thought that a free people should be enslaved one entitlement at a time? The Income Tax only hit the very wealthy and only at 1%, until the Progressives needed money in the thirties and during WW2, when it suddenly ballooned to double digit percentages and took from almost everyone through withholdings. The same can be said of government-administered assistance. When it was given by churches and charities, it could be given only to the “deserving poor”, a phrase derided by the Left. After it was taken over by Federal, state, county and local governments, it had to be given to all “qualifiers”, no matter how dissolute or wasteful they were. Equal protection under the law required this for monies given to citizens.
    Everything eventually gets on the internet, so I may find the article yet.

  2. Oh Joe, it’s just a couple of politicians going on to appease they’re base! No one really is going to do any of that. Your bordering on paranoia. Dude. You need to get a life…..At least that’s how they put it 20 years ago!
    It’s truly said when the likes of Alex Jones turn out to be the prophet of our days. And the most salient question turns out to be. When should Lot have left Sodom & Gomorrah?

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