Quote of the day—James Howard Kunstler

What is the Democratic Party today? Well, it’s the cheerleading squad for “seventeen” government agencies that add up to the craftily-labeled “intel community,” a warm-and-fuzzy coalition of snoops, false witnesses, rogue lawfare cadres, seditionists, and bad-faith artists working sedulously to hide their previous misdeeds with ever-fresh ones. They’re the party against free speech, the party against due process of law, the party determined to provoke war with Russia. They’re the party of sexual confusion, sexual hysteria, and sexual conflict, the party of kangaroo courts, cancel culture, erasing boundaries (including national borders), and of making up rules for all that as they go along — like the Nazis and Soviets used to do. The ideas and policies they advocate are so comprehensively crazy that their old support of slavery looks quaintly straightforward in comparison.

James Howard Kunstler
December 6, 2019
A Fraught Moment
[Harsh! But fair.

Via email from Chet.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—James Howard Kunstler

  1. Once the party of the working man, the Democratic party is the home of the non-productive person. Blue dog democrats went to work, made things and raised families. No one questioned their patriotism, The blue dog is now extinct, killed off by the very people they put in power.

    I think the Democratic party mascot should be the cuckoo. It doesn’t even belong in the nest. It is raised by someone other than it’s parents. It cries out for more attention and food then it’s nest mates. In then end it is the only one to survive it’s parasitic presence.

    Don’t get me started on the GOP.

  2. And they play dirty.

    Among other actions, Adam Schiff has published private conversations of Devin Nunes: his equal in Congress. That sounds like an abuse of power, which incidentally is one of the charges they will likely bring against Trump. Yet, so far conservatives seem to be taking little action, except some talk, against the left.

    We have not seen indictments or charges aginst the Kavanaugh witnesses and backers. Likewise, we have not seen indictments or charges against Obama officials, FBI, or CIA for misleading the FISA court. And barely a slap on the wrist for Hillary who violated security rules that would have put other federal employees or contractors on the street or in jail.

    So where does that leave us?

  3. Pretty much. And half the country within our current borders will support them anyway. We need to get out of here.

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