Quote of the day—Glenda T. Goode

When your opponent is self energizing as far as creating disrespect in a society there is no sense egging them on. By letting them continue the process they will eventually take it too far.

Know what the democrats do is self serving and destined to either a tyrannical socialist state or their extinction . Either way, this dispute will not go on forever.

Glenda T. Goode
December 5, 2019
Comment to Truth.
[When stated as “forever” she is absolutely correct. But the heat death of the universe is a long time from now. I suspect she really meant sometime before that. But similar disputes have persisted for hundreds of years. For example we have more than one religion in the world with some pretty nasty conflicts between some of them.

One could make the case the Democrats are engaged in one last epic struggle before they implode in the 2020 election and go the way of the Whig party. The Whig party was originally formed around the hate of President Andrew Jackson and it’s easy to make the case this is what the Democrats have done with a name replacement. But just six years ago people were making the case the Republican/Tea party would disappear for similar reasons. It, obviously, didn’t happen.

But yet there certainly have been high tension disputes between competing political parties which have been decisively settled. The most obvious one is the one between Republicans and Democrats which was settled in 1866 when the Democrats also attempted an insurrection.

I hope the current insurrection is settled soon, against the insurrectionist Democrats, and with less bloodshed than the previous insurrection.—Joe]


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  1. “When your opponent is self energizing as far as creating disrespect in a society there is no sense egging them on. By letting them continue the process they will eventually take it too far.”

    Yeah, but why not encourage them to get there faster?

    • 2020, will that be fast enough? With arrogance/ignorance at the level it is. The next election should do it.
      Who is going to go back to excepting the results of elections? Will we, after sitting quietly through the Obama regime?
      Will they, except another Trump? As much as I disliked both Bush’es. I thought the level of rhetoric used against them. And anyone on the right. Was beyond what could sustain a “polite society”. And now it demands rational people to live with irrationality to the point of their own destruction? We all believe were the rational ones. Who truly is doesn’t matter.
      Communism has managed to polarize us. Just as they said they would do. And we’ll not be voting our way out of it.

      • If the vote casting / collection / counting system has not been significantly improved to ensure the official tally is an accurate reflection of the legitimate votes cast by legal voters, it is still possible to have the election stolen, or at least have so many obvious problems that whoever wins is deemed illegitimate.

        In fact, I’d expect that if the dems realize they can’t win, even with fraud, they’ll deliberately cause a bunch of “irregularities” that favor Trump in order to delegitimize his win. We really, REALLY, need to go back to in-person voting at local precincts and on-the-spot counting before the day is over here in WA state. Mail-in is an invitation for fraud.

  2. The shooting war in the 1860s between Democrats and Republicans was not settled. Although there was an official “surrender”, the Democrats and their authoritarian ideology live on. They were never defeated, the job was never finished, hence the current problem.

    The Republican Party may as well have disassapeared. Functionally they’re no more than a light version of the Democrats, more despicable, if it were possible, for being less openly committed to any ideology.

    Anyway, we’re talking about global powers which are millennia old. Whatever happens in the U.S. must be viewed in that context.

    If the Protestant interpretations of prophesy are correct, the current role of the U.S. is to get all the world wondering after the beast.

    The beast is currently gathering all those disparate, warring religions you’re talking about, and bringing them together, he being, quite literally, the “Ultimate Bridge Builder”. Next, that Dark Ages fantasy of total world domination will finally come true for a short time, and pandemonium will ensue.

    The Israelis seem to have a clue as to this arrangement. Their Sanhedrin is currently minting, and selling, a half shekel silver coin (which should have significance to you Bible readers) with Donald Trump and the ancient King Cyrus on the heads side. That’s right; Donald Trumo is featured on a currently minted foreign coin. Look it up. You can buy one for yourself. The proceeds, they believe, are going to be used to build the Third Temple. These are the old Zionists from the early 20th Century, you see. World War One era stuff, which in turn goes back to the Ottomans, and etc.

    I take note of how poignantly absent all this (the global ecumenical movement, the fact that Trump and Pence are contributing to it, and that our U.S. president is featured on a foreign currency) is from the lame-stream news headlines. But it’s out there, just under the surface. It even surfaces briefly now and then, for how else do I know about it?

    Yeah; welcome to Crazytown. Once you stop reeling, and catch your balance, it isn’t so bad.

    Anyway, anyone assuming that the forces moving events within the United States are local to the United States, or that our two political parties are actual enemies at this stage; you haven’t a clue. You can be a cheerleader for one party or the other, and in the long run it will have made absolutely no difference beyond keeping you sufficiently distracted.

    It’s a dog and pony show. I like to think of it as a football game. In a football game you see the fans of the two teams vehemently supporting their team and vehemently opposing the other team, but to the venue and to the league it scarcely matters who wins. They profit either way, but the more vehement and the more excited the fans get, the more intrigue in the game, the more attention the contest gets, the more eyeballs, the more the venue makes and the more the league profits. It’s also worth pointing out that the actual players are somewhat fungible; they can move from team to team and it scarcely matters which team they play for so long as they’re playing. Same goes for the coaches, etc.

    If you’re so wrapped up in the game you can scarcely think of anything else, if your mood for the week is determined by whether “your team” won or lost, if all you want to do is listen to the post game analyses and insider gossip all week, then you’re the perfect fan– You lose every game and the league wins every game. So it is with the political parties and with every election.

    I see it as no coincidence, then, that Rush Limbaugh wanted also to be a TV sports announcer, having his professional roots in both radio and sports. But he already has his wish; he IS a sports announcer!

  3. I don’t think the comparison to what Republicans were dealing with 10 years ago and what Democrats are dealing with now is accurate. When Republicans lost hard in 2008 it seems as they did some soul-searching, got some new blood In a manner of speaking and re-organized. And in the end they became stronger. The Democrats on the other hand suffer from this sort of manifest destiny where it is impossible for them to look inward and see their own faults.Also their new blood are a bunch of insane far left socialist nut cases That very few people like except inside of Twitter. While the Republicans stopped and thought about what was going on and tried to change themselves the Democrats are constantly thinking they’re always right well delving deeper and deeper into madness.The literal only thing that is keeping them from not losing everything is the immigrant vote.And they’re slowly starting to lose that too. However I don’t think it will be fast enough so I suspect they’ll have one last hurrah in about eight years or so and that will basically tear the country in the pieces. After all they are in Santee deems everyone not like them must be destroyed. A.k.a. kill every single solitary person that disagrees or opposes them. If that means literally exterminating over half if not 90% of the entire United States population to achieve that goal so be it. Because the only thing that matters to them is power and they do not care how they get it and what they have to to keep it. Even if it literally means nuclear carpet bombing the country. That last sentence would sound crazy if the far left wasn’t that insane and taking over the Democratic Party. And as they lose more power they will get more and more violent.

  4. The Whigs were based on more than hatred of Jackson . Their big ideological issue was internal improvements which we would call pork barrel or industrial policy. They fatally split over slavery. Similarly, Democrats are built on more than TDS. Their ideological base is socialism and they are not split and will not disappear. They will achieve power again which is why we need to separate before it’s too late.

    • I don’t think separation is possible. It’s like trying to have a nice prime rib dinner at a vegan convention. They can’t help themselves.
      Were looking to be left alone. They need us to fix their sewers.

      • Well, widows are separated from their former husband, in a manner of speaking. But that is a ugly thing to, ah, accelerate the time-table on, and should be avoided as anything but an absolute last choice, if you know what I mean

      • We are separated from the UK, thank God. And while I have contempt for them, I don’t fear and hate them. The problem is that you are assuming that it is still one place and that the current boundaries are somehow set it stone.

        Remember the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence. “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them,”

        We are here at the two peoples stage. The Founders didn’t set out to have a war but had it forced on them. It would be nice to avoid that this time.

      • In some ways, separation is already starting – its called ‘Second Amendment sanctuaries’.

        And it’s not just about the second amendment. Here in Washington, King County is against the $30 car tabs but Pierce County and the rest of the state are for it. People are angry about paying a tax that does not benefit them.

        Do large urban leftist centers get to dictate to the rest of us? It still boils down to government without consent that makes people mad.

        And if we refuse does the state or King County have the will power and means to force us? I think not.

    • I thought the great idea of Whig vs Democrat in the two- party system supposedly devised by Martin Van Buren was that the tent of either party was big enough to accommodate both slaveholders and non-slaveholders. The Whig party dissolved in the late 1840’s and the Republicans in 1854 formed to collect the anti-slavery wing of the Whigs, which had the additional effect of drawing them out of the Democrat party as well.
      In just six years they went from a new, single interest party to having the first president elected from that party (the first candidate being John C. Fremont)

  5. The political party named “Democrat” may perhaps cease to exist just as the Whig party became a footnote in history. What will NOT go away is the greedy self serving lust for power and control that drives people with political aspirations to seek political power so they can exercise control over others. The mentality of laziness combined with lust for the property and wealth of others that is the foundation of “socialism/communism”. These are human qualities….qualities found in the baser less intelligent less competent portion of society that seeks to
    create a political structure that rewards THEM with the spoils and riches created by the work of OTHERS….in short human laziness and greed. As long as humans are humans the mentality that drives the sycophants of the current communist/democrat party WILL survive, persist and continue it’s never ending efforts to achieve power and control.

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