6 thoughts on “Chicago isn’t that violent

      • I was going to say it looks like a Lanc. I made a Revell model of Guy Gibson’s Dam Buster Lancaster bomber when I was a pre-teen.
        Didn’t know the name of his black Labrador dog until much, much later, though.

        • The dog was named in Latin. Translation would be Blackie, a common name for a black dog. Unfortunately the word has too many negative associations in current usage. At that time and place it did not have as many of those connotations. The banning of the word is one of the many legacies of slavery.

          The name itself does not indicate racism on the part of the owner.

  1. That would make quite a vehicle to take to machine gun shoots. I’m guessing this one is Photoshop, but the dimensions might be close enough to work.

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