Quote of the day—Elizabeth Warren @ewarren

Thank you, @BlackWomxnFor! Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy and I don’t take this endorsement lightly. I’m committed to fighting alongside you for the big, structural change our country needs.

Elizabeth Warren @ewarren
Tweeted on November 7, 2019
[I wonder what color the sky is in her universe.

We have long had hints she has mental problems. She once had the delusion she was of native American heritage.—Joe]


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  1. Here and I always thought it was rainbow colored, spotted unicorns that formed the core of our Constitutional Republic. I guess I learned something today. Thanks Joe!

  2. While one may be tempted to laugh out loud, whoop, holler and slap a knee, Warren’s quote is serious, criminal insanity on display, and it represents a significant world power. While we make fun of them they’re rapidly consolidating their power infrastructure, and for the moment nothing and no one stands in their way.

    Don’t laugh too hard (or laugh all you want while you still can); the crazies may soon have us bound and gagged, as it were, for sport, and they’ll be laughing at us.

    Her words echo not only 1920s and ’30s Europe but Ancient Rome as well, and we know the mass slaughter which both societies unleashed. Or do we?

    • Yeah, about that. Let’s discuss a phenomenon I like to call ‘phantom demographics’.

      There’s this weird pattern seen primarily in popular media, where companies try to kowtow to ‘woke’ customers, only for their attempts to fall flat and go bust. You may have heard of this as the ‘get woke, go broke’ concept.

      The reason they do so is because such ‘woke’ elements use social media to appear larger than they actually are. Like a mouse backlit by a light to appear monstrously huge, they con companies into sucking up to their views, only moving on when the company collapses or decides ‘Yeah, we’re not doing this any more’.

      Same applies to politics. Do you really think there are that many alphabet-soup voters out there? Sooner or later, if they want to ‘bind and gag’ us, they’ll need help — and there’s not enough of them, OR their supporters, to do so.

        • VD is nominally on target in regards to socjus/’woke’ culture, but his tendency to turn into a raging jackwagon at the slightest provocation (and ‘provocation’ can be translated as ‘questioning any conclusion, no matter how slight’) really turns me off him.

          To his credit, he did inspire Toasty’s Maxim: ‘Just because someone’s an asshat doesn’t make them wrong.’

  3. I sure wonder what a womxn is. It sounds even more illiterate than AOC’s “latinx”.

  4. Backbone of *your* democracy, maybe. Least my side breeds.

    Like Lyle ^ said, they’re consolidating their power, but ultimately they can’t rely on these fringe groups because those fringe groups don’t reproduce themselves, at least not at a sustainable rate. They need outsiders (we all know who, fill in the blank) to really compete, and that’s the real threat.

  5. When someone invokes “our/your democracy”, this is a tripwire that you’re being trolled. When the powers that be get where they want to be, their fellow travelers will be pitched right off the train at the next high trestle.
    There is much precedent.

  6. Point of order, Senator…

    How are identifiable subgroups of people, as you’ve specified, who collectively constitute less than 1% of the total population, a backbone of democracy?

    As we all know, in a pure democracy, 50%+1 has all the power.

    Here’s some groups in the 2-5% range:
    People who think Elvis was still alive at least through the early 2000s
    People who think UFOs have visited earth
    People who think the Moon landings were faked
    Believers in the Illuminati
    People who think 9/11 was an inside job
    Holocaust deniers
    People who don’t believe in the democides of communism

    Are these groups not also the backbones of democracy? As far as I can tell, between 2 to 5 people in 100 will believe in the most far fetched whacko theories. Some of them might be correct, but I wouldn’t bet that way. In any event, none of these groups, even added together, approach anything close to a power base in a democracy.

    Oh, you know who else is in the 2% range? The entire LGBTQ+ category. There’s a good reason why they concentrate in a subset of cities. At that low representation level, if they were evenly dispersed throughout flyover country, they’d have almost no chance to meet someone with with similar inclinations. If being LGBTQ+ was a choice, it’d be a stupid choice, and not because of discrimination or bigotry, but purely out of a sense of “You’d purposely restrict your possible dating pool to that tiny fraction, of which only a fraction of that fraction is available?” That’s before you start considering the staggeringly higher domestic violence rates.

    So let’s not talk about any subgroup as being “the backbone of democracy” when they’re present at Elvis-didn’t-die-in-1977 rates.

    In any event, the US is a federal republic, not a democracy.

    • Yup. As I pointed out to Lyle, these groups use social media as a bullhorn to make themselves look much more important than they actually are.

      • Definitely short, fat, lesbians are over represented in the supreme court.
        Like a guy just commented about a light behind a rat. Making it look bigger than it is.

    • It’s not that simple. I know several M->F trans people and one F->M (at the last I heard still pre-surgery).

      One of the women I knew for nearly 30 years before they transitioned. She had married (as a man), had a child, had a great job, and appeared to “have it made”. Politically he (now she) was strongly opposed to the agenda of the Democrats. Politically there was no change with the gender transition. She is the strongest, most vocal Trump supporter I know (“Best president ever!”).

      The transition relieved a big emotional burden. When she was a child she wondered what it would be like to be a girl almost to the point of obsession. The wonder became a strong desire to be a woman and caused a great deal of mental stress. Counselling did not provide significant relief.

      She divorced her wife, had multiple surgeries, and, outwardly, is physically female. She is now happily married to another woman and is much happier than she was before. I see her and her wife frequently and the comfort “in her own skin” is apparent. There was always stress and uncertainty in her demeanor before the transition.

      I won’t disagree, and I don’t think she would either, that it was a mental health issue that lead her down the transition path. But no one knows how to reliably cure that particular mental health issue. The physical transition is a brutal, painful, and time consuming mitigation. But, for at least some people, it’s the best option.

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