Quote of the day—Cowntess Of Austerity @_MoCowBell_

Charlie should automatically be dismissed as irrelevant to the conversation. He apparently has an obsession with comparing guns to male genitalia. That’s a sure sign that he’s an ignorant, uneducated, demented leftist.

They are the only ones who view guns as penises.

Cowntess Of Austerity @_MoCowBell_
Tweeted on November 9, 2019
[I was tempted to post the tweet Cowntess is referring to. But this is better.—Joe]


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  1. To bad, Charlie was almost there when discussing what was going on with the founders. He just couldn’t look at the government being the modern version of the king’s mercenary army.
    That and the fact that the 2A is a government restriction, not a public grant. It’s repeal would only serve to mentally legitimize something never under government control. And the idea that it’s repeal would decrease “rifle” shootings is laughable. As in starting a civil war has never been proven to do that.
    Sorry Charlie, Your to late. And you can’t get there from here.

    • “…a government restriction”. Excellent point, and one that’s usually overlooked. The title of the first 10 Amendments — “Bill of Rights” — doesn’t help matters.
      The correct interpretation of the Constitution is that it is a set of rules, restrictions, and requirements for the government, Federal first of all but State governments as well. When it speaks of “rights” it doesn’t grant them, but protect them — it says that the government is prohibited from infringing on those rights.
      So the better name for the first batch of amendments would be “Bill of Limitations”, because it says “the government shall not do X” and “the government shall never do Y”.
      Also, anyone who can read plain English can tell that repealing the 2nd Amendment doesn’t give the government any more powers to mess with guns, or with the natural right of self defense. Two reasons: one, the 9th Amendment would still prohibit it, and two, Article 1 Section 8 grants no such power, and everything not explicitly granted is prohibited to the government.

  2. I have to disagree with the quote, and the reason why I must disagree is quite simple and obvious— Those “ignorant, uneducated, demented leftists” (if that’s what you wish to call them*) are in fact quite thoroughly relevant. To wit; they and their alliance of criminals and miscreants currently rule the world, and they’re still busy as bees consolidating their power while we dismiss them as idiots.

    *Leftist leaders, the actual movers and shakers, are as intelligent as anyone, and probably more intelligent than most. Being evil however, they war against everything that is good. I’ve said it before; I’ll take a simpleton any day if he’s a good man, but an evil genius is a far more dangerous enemy than an evil idiot. It seems to me that there are scant few people who grasp this concept. Too often we fail to understand that evil motives can exist within an acutely intelligent and perceptive brain, and we will mistake evil for ignorance and/or a lack of brain power.

    This is a disconnect from reality, but it isn’t all theirs. It’s our own disconnect from reality too, and it feeds the left in the same way that a confused, exasperated parent feeds the delinquency of his children.

    And so we need to acknowledge the simple and increasingly obvious fact that a person can be, all at the same time, totally wrong (by our Judaeo/Christian moral standards), thoroughly significant, intelligent and powerful.

    • Some are, some are not, but that does not change the point that they are winning the culture war. Even many conservatives now accept many of their demands. They control our education system, acceptable norms, high-tech, and in general dominate our society.

      Rember when you could buy a gun if you had the money; when boys got a gun on coming of age; when kids walked to local schools and played outside; when boys were told by their fathers to defend themselves and be a man; when Sunday was a day of rest; … We could go on and on. All this is the result of losing the culture war and the boomers played a big role in making these changes – one step at a time.

      However, some of us are past our limits and are saying enough is enough. In response, their attitude is ‘How dare you’. The ball is in our court. What counts is what we do about it.

      • They really don’t know how to deal with ‘no’.

        Keep in mind that to leftists, there are never any ‘bedrock principles’, nothing that they won’t jettison if they perceive it’s become inconvenient to their cause. Witness Obama and Clinton’s ‘evolution’ on gay marriage, for example.

        This makes them entirely unprepared to deal with people who DO have inviolate rules and are willing to kill or die for them.

        • ‘No’ is a concept that they don’t understand on purpose – they know best!

          Even when the President is duly elected they know best. If they disagree with the President they can obstruct, delay, leak, and encourage opposition. When the people vote to limit car-tab fees in WA state, multiple governmental organization say they are going to oppose. When businesses complain about drug use, homeless and crime they ignore the complaints. It is ‘How dare you’ over and over again.

          We have lost control of our democracy. This is an emergency and if not corrected (if it is even possible) we are on a slide towards leftist authoritarian rule. The people have spoken has lost its force if it goes against the opinions and wishes of our elite leftist leaders. Sure, for now, they are using legal fig leaves to oppose, but how long will that last? We are the ones that should be saying ‘How dare you’.

          From what little I know about the 1917 Russian revolution the attitudes of our elite leftist leaders sound way too similar.

  3. Charlie forgot fascist and Nazi must be include in any leftist scree.
    He did include children and penis but those are also mandatory so no bonus points.

    I suggest the next tweet include Trump, homophobic, deplorable, and climate deniers for maximum word score
    Grade D-

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