Quote of the day—Cassandra Crifasi

The drum that they beat that if you allow any [gun control] policy to pass then they’re just going to take your guns away. Then when we have candidates that say yes, well I am going to take your guns away, that doesn’t send the right message in my opinion.

Cassandra Crifasi
Deputy director of the Johns Hopkins Center For Gun Policy and Research
October 23, 2019
From Toxic To Staple: Gun Control Is Now Front And Center On The Campaign Trail
[And nowhere in the article does she, or anyone else, say the goal isn’t to take guns away. So, it appears she is saying the “right message” she wants the candidates to send is something other than their true intentions.

Lying, it’s what they do. It’s an essential part of their culture.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Cassandra Crifasi

  1. When they tell us that “Hell yes I’ll take your AR-15 and your AK-47” believe ’em. When they tell you they don’t want to take your guns, just put reasonable “controls” on them they mean they will tax, license, and make it so onerous to own guns that you’ll “voluntarily” surrender your guns.

  2. It certainly does seem like she’s not upset that confiscation is the ultimate goal. She’s a tad miffed that candidates are so brazenly taking off their masks too early.
    You know, to spoil the surprise!

  3. In this case, “Sending the Right Message” = crafting the most effective lies.

    Truth and other moral standards are seen by those on the left as arbitrary constraints, from which they seek to liberate themselves. This is their version of “freedom”.

    Likewise, their idea of “tyranny” is defined as being held to any standards of fairness, morality, decency, or intellectual consistency. Thus the standards of scientific proof, the U.S. Constitution and even the Ten Commandments are viewed as “charters of negative rights”, arbitrary and unfair restrictions, which are valued only by “deplorables” who “cling” to them out of stupidity, fear, anger, bigotry and superstition.

    We use standards of decency and truth as “weapons” of persecution, they say, against the poor, misunderstood criminal mind which only wants its freedom same as you. In their higher echelons they even refer to satan as “The Wronged One” for the same reasons.

    The “enlightened”, more sophisticated way, says leftist thinking, is to be freed from all the constraints imposed by such concepts as morality, decency, consistency in rule of law, and blind justice, all of which are artificial, man-made constructs designed to give an unfair advantage to white men, or to the more successful, or the bourgeois, etc.

    Since they are more “enlightened”, goes their reasoning, it is therefore the very definition of insanity that they are denied total, absolute power.

    But what they as yet won’t say openly is that Western Judaeo/Christian, i.e. Protestant, culture benefits everyone else (except for the criminal) along with it in every way measurable, race and sex having nothing whatsoever to do with anything, and that THAT is why they have a problem with it. The morality of Western (Protestant, read “Biblical Christian”) culture has thus been their target for destruction for as long as it has existed.

    In other words, leftist doctrine is both an anti-American and pointedly anti-Biblical (counter-Reformation) doctrine.

    In fact the left possesses the mentality of Rome (or it possesses them). It’s also been called the Herodian Mind (after King Herod, who would murder at the drop of a hat if he thought it might protect his power and station), but we call it “leftist”, “collectivist”, “socialist”, “fascist ” or “Marxist” these days. I’ve often called it “the criminal mind”, although “criminally insane” isn’t too strong a term. Whatever works.

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