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Look, this is really simple.

All you have to do is comply and you won’t get hurt by cops. When they tell you to get down, you get down. When they tell you to turn in your guns, you turn in your guns. When they tell you to get in the boxcar, you get in the fucking boxcar. Why in the hell is this so difficult to understand people?


Via Rabbit Chasing @Chasing_Rabbits on September 22, 2019.
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Beto doesn’t expressly say this but it’s implied. And if he doesn’t actually think things through far enough to arrive at this conclusion there are lots of other Democrats who have and wish he wouldn’t have “spilled the beans”.—Joe]


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  1. We’re all aware of this concept of free will, and we all have it whether we like time to think so or not. Both the good and the bad have free will, in equal measure! It is almost so incomprehensible, so shocking, that we dare not look too deeply into the matter.

  2. “All you have to do is comply, and you won’t get hurt”. Ya, right.
    How ’bout we do it this way,” With what you measure onto others, it will be measured onto you.” Now think Lavoy Finicum.

  3. There is a thread of naivety that runs throughout leftists, perhaps it’s an artifact of their hive mind. You can see this when they declare things like ‘everyone believes’ and ‘no one should’ and so on. This flows easily into the mindset of course THEY won’t be shipped off to the Gulag Archipelago. THEY think correctly. And so they never see that these atrocities always stem from their policies, as inexorable as the Sun rising for they choose to blind themselves with the certainty of moral superiority.

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