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After a 47 year ‘war on drugs’ you can’t keep drugs off the streets, you can’t keep drugs out of elementary schools, you can’t even keep drugs out of federal prisons.

Yet, you want me to disarm myself and trust that you can keep guns from criminals?


ernest ortega @designbypipe
Tweeted on September 13, 2019
[It’s possible someone else came up with this but the only time I have seen it was when ortega posted it.

Excellent point.

The government also hasn’t been able to keep guns out of prisons.

But a more important point is that politicians who desire to disarm us know all this and don’t care. Disarming criminals isn’t their primary goal. They want ordinary citizens disarmed. They intend to change the relationship from citizen and public servant into subject and ruler.—Joe]


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  1. Your point is spot on Joe. It seems strange to me that they have gotten away with not stating their true goals for so long.
    They always speak in nebulous terms. Oh, we want equality. Or, we need to save the children. But no one ever forces them to articulate the process.
    It’s madding because it forces us to speculate. At which point we get ridiculed as conspiracy nuts. And their out having sales on baby parts.
    Notice how “Beto” got slammed for saying what we know has been their plan for over 50 yrs. or better? Amazing.

  2. Dunces, losers, liars, bounders, cads, ignoramuses and common criminals are easy to lord over. Corrupt government loves them.

    The power-mad have never feared common criminals nearly so much as they’ve feared the honest, principled, knowledgeable, armed, capable and confident citizen.

    The latter is their worst possible nightmare, and in fact every corrupt government reaches a stage where it cannot afford to tolerate such people. In short; the righteous are the greatest enemy of the evil. Ruminate on that for a while.

    Paradoxically, the weak, who by default rely upon the strong, hate the strong and make enemies of them. This is the driving force behind every societal collapse.

    Through Compromise, we’ve allowed ourselves to become beasts of burden, serving our lessers.

    A corrupt government cannot afford to allow an armed populace. Give them some understanding then; they’re only fighting for the very survival of their corruption. They know of no other way.

    So it is that the moment those in government begin to fantasize about disarming their constituents, it is because they’ve become dangerously and irredeemably corrupt. This is probably the best, most certain and conclusive “litmus test” one could imagine;
    One may be corrupt while not openly calling for “gun control”, but one never calls for “gun control” unless he is corrupt.

    Once again; trying to convince the corrupt, that an armed populace is a good thing, is a total waste of time. They already know, and that is precisely why they want disarmament.

    Even the dumbest criminal is quite capable of understanding why he doesn’t want his victims to be armed.

    We don’t need to educate them on that subject. Trying to do so will only show the criminals that you’re not quite understanding, or willing to understand, the situation. Calling politicians “stupid” for wanting gun restrictions is therefore a show of weakness, and criminals love weakness. It let’s them know that you’re behind the curve, so to speak, and that they still have you under sway.

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