Asking a foreign power for political help

I’m not sure what the legalities are of asking a foreign power to help bring down your political opponents. But we know such activities aren’t limited to just one political party. In addition to the Steel dossier there is this:

I’m not sure I see a reason why having a foreign nation supply legally obtained truthful information on political opponents should be illegal, immoral, or problematic. I have a big problem with people and/or organizations being hypocritical about it.


8 thoughts on “Asking a foreign power for political help

  1. It’s illegal already (it’s in the Constitution itself), and it’s immoral/problematic because the favor done for you will have to be returned at some point and you’ll have to use the money and power of the taxpayers to do the returning.

    Put another way, using my tax dollars to secure yourself a job in the government is theft.

    • Well, that explains why Joe Biden can’t be president. You can’t claim the Fifth Amendment when you brag about your quid pro quo deal with foreign nationals in front of a conference of fellow travelers, on video.

    • Your statement is mostly incoherent and nonsensical to me.

      So… One would not be able to receive information about the criminal prosecution and conviction of your political opponent in a foreign nation? Why would should someone be required to use taxpayer money and/or power at some point in the future? Why not just pay some minor fee for certified copies of legal documents produced by the foreign nation? Or perhaps the payment for the translation of foreign news sources?

      What section of the U.S. Constitution prohibits this?

      Are you saying Hillary and others should be prosecuted for their actions against candidate and President Trump?

  2. Joe Biden is a U.S. citizen. He hasn’t been chosen by his party for anything. He would like to be the president’s political opponent. But he’s in the same class with 15 other commies trying to be Trumps opponent. He’s not there yet.
    We have a treaty with Ukraine for criminal prosecution, if the act is a crime in both countries.
    Asking the president of Ukraine to help investigate corruption from a passed administration is Trump’s job. Just like putting Hillary in jail would be.
    On top of all this, Joe Biden bragged about doing the same act to last Ukrainian president. On camera!
    Sal Alinsky wrote to the commies that they should look in the mirror, and whatever they see to accuse the other guy of doing the same.(Antifa commies accusing the right of being fascists). Any commies accuse you of being smart lately? Welcome to the new world order.

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