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Democrats don’t want to take your guns away. They just want assault weapons banned which nobody needs an assault weapon. Nobody is coming for you guns dude.

Breakingbad @BreakingBad7172
Tweeted on October 4th, 2019
[Ignoring the typos we still have some problems comprehending this. One could presume they mean Democrats don’t want to take all our guns. Just the “assault weapons”. As if this would put us at ease for them to ban the most popular firearm type currently sold.

It’s the logical equivalent of saying, “We aren’t going to take all of your children away from you. Just your firstborn.”

One could claim they are unimaginably stupid and/or ignorant. One could claim they are trolling for entertainment value. I might buy into either of those hypothesis if it didn’t happen so frequently.

Another hypothesis is that they are unconsciously or deliberately utilizing deflection. I think this is most likely. Such people should be treated as mentally defective and/or evil.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Breakingbad @BreakingBad7172

  1. “They just want assault weapons banned…”

    This time, well see about the rest later.

  2. Republicans don’t want to take your abortions away. They just want late term abortions banned which nobody needs a late term abortion. Nobody is coming for your abortions dude.

  3. Considering that the majority of my guns are either “assault weapons” or “high velocity sniper rifles” – with a few handguns thrown in the mix, yes, they ARE wanting to take my guns.

  4. Dude, no one is taking my guns. Because they can’t without getting their ass shot off. Besides, your transgender candidate Beto, already let that cat out of the bag.
    Try not to over smoke before you twitter. M kay

  5. In Kommiecticut and the Communist Paradise of NY, there is 85% and 95% non-compliance respectively with gun control since 2013. I am so pleased to see Armed Civil Disobedience spreading nationwide with the “Bump-Stock Ban.” According to Second Amendment Daily, out of an estimated 280,000 to 520,000 bump-stocks in private hands, a whopping 582 have been turned in. That is just the bump-stocks, never mind the multitude of other devices that accomplish the same thing, using the rifle’s recoil to reset the trigger.


    BTW….bump-fire is not a thing, it is a technique. Learn the technique and the nuances of a particular firearm, and you can bump-fire all day long. The devices just make it easier…think of it like the book series, “Bump-Fire For Dummies”

  6. They don’t want to take your guns away.

    They want to kill you.

    Taking your guns away is simply a prerequisite.

    • And for some reason we let them have their own political parties, as though they have legitimacy and aren’t simply an alliance of criminals.

      Therefore, one can readily conclude that we’ve brought all of the past and future destruction upon ourselves, for the criminals have only as much latitude as we’ve allowed them.

  7. When a commie leftist states they don’t want to take away “All of your guns”
    they are LYING. IT’S WHAT THEY DO. They’re political platform and agenda
    REQUIRES that they disarm EVERYONE as it is impossible to RULE SLAVES if
    said people are armed. So when they say ANYTHING other than that they are coming for ALL the guns THEY ARE LYING. It isn’t complicated….and anyone
    who believes them when they say anything that contradicts the established
    agenda of the commie left (which is TOTAL control over EVERYBODY) is an idiot.

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