It’s about time

I remember when Federal and most states banned guns within 1000 feet of school property. That was when the school shootings started to became a trend.

Times have changed:

Teachers in seven Florida county school districts will soon be locked and loaded thanks to a state law enacted this month that provides schools with the option to allow teachers to carry concealed guns.

According to the Education Commission of the States, at least eight other states allow some teachers or other school employees to have guns. They include Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.

Since 2018, legislation to allow teachers and other school staff to carry firearms has been proposed in a handful of additional states, including Washington, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Oklahoma.

It’s about time.


10 thoughts on “It’s about time

  1. If wishing hard and making your displeasure clearly known actually worked against violent criminal action, not only would guns not be needed, but they’d be superfluous.

    Sadly, we live in a world where, no matter how hard you clap, the pixie never gets better. There was no pixie, and you can’t fly. You’re going to have pick up your own sword, walk over to Capt Hook and feed him to a crocodile the hard way.

  2. It’s really obvious from their actions that Leftists believe that children have no value. Banks have armed guards, along with politicians, jewelry, sports venues, bars, and Mexican supermarkets, but they specifically exclude concentrations of children. Add this to their enthusiasm for abortion and support for pedophiles, and the mindset is clear.

    • Don’t forget murder by abortion. If it ‘saves just one child’s life” argument screams for the legal abomination of Roe v Wade to be ended.

      For anyone who disagrees, a woman is pregnant with a new, unique HUMAN life at the moment of conception (it is not a unicorn inside her) and the willful and malicious destruction of that HUMAN life is the very definition of murder.

    • Actually (at least in MA) banks don’t seem to have guards. As a result, “robbery by note” is now a common practice.

  3. Will this course of action work?

    I have no idea. But, I know our current strategy seems to fail regularly.

  4. As you might expect, those counties are all deep red, and not densely populated. Five of the seven are in the panhandle which culturally speaking may as well be south Georgia or Alabama. They are certainly not the dangerous parts of Florida.

  5. This is Florida, guys, home of the hanging chad. What I expect to see is that some Soros wind-up toy who works in a school will get the training, pack heat to school in accordance with the law, then get his ‘go’ sign to make a false flag and shoot the place up in order to discredit the movement and idea. I’d expect Broward County is most likely. Most likely have an “undisclosed” history of psych problems that “slipped through the cracks in the system.” I’d put the over/under at about two months before the 2020 election, unless we have a huge spike in federal arrests before then, with lots of charges of human trafficking, child porn, corruption and influence peddling, treason, etc.

    • I don’t expect Broward County to have any legally armed teachers. They simply won’t allow it.

      And, I don’t expect any legally armed teacher going postal in a school.

  6. I second Rolf. If you do not believe the anti gun left does not stage false flag operations, stage events and setup incidents, just look up fake hate speech hoaxes.

    • I believe they stage false flag operations. I just don’t believe the hard left populations centers, such as Broward County, will allow teachers to carry guns. And I don’t believe they can carry out a false flag school shooting without being caught in the act. And if they know they have a significant chance of getting caught they will not attempt it.

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