Quote of the day—Kelly Ann Pollard (@KellyPol55)

We can’t worry about inflaming the right anymore.  Their inflammation is an “itis” that has no cure and the only treatment is to excise it.

Kelly Ann Pollard (@KellyPol55)
Tweeted on October 7, 2019
[Not the “extreme right”. Not the “alt-right”. Just the “right”.

The tweet above was replied to by Mick Collins‏ @BroknHeadphones who said:

and cauterize the wound

This is what they think of you. This is what they want done with you and your family. They no longer hide it. They use their real names.

We are at war.—Joe]

Update: Ms. Pollard responded to me on Twitter:

Mr Huffman, will you please take this tweet down and remove this reference from your blog? I was speaking as a nurse and with regards to voting. Thank you.

I declined the request and invited her to make a comment on my blog. She declined my invitation.

If she intended to refer to voting she was certainly obscure in her reference. I’m skeptical that was her real intention.


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kelly Ann Pollard (@KellyPol55)

  1. B.L.O.A.T….

    Buy lots of ammo today.

    Catch up if you need to.

    Don’t neglect high capacity magazines and parts for your various firearms.

    Mechanical devices wear with heavy use requiring upkeep and repair.

    Jeff B.

  2. Well Kelly, the real test is getting rid of the right. Without becoming like the right. See, your going to have to buy AR15. Practice and get good with it. Then you’ll need ammo, high cap mags, an food. Then come do that which you say needs doing.
    If you want something done right, your going to have to do it yourself. Lots o luck!

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  4. Why are some people convinced that they can start doing things and everyone else will just mosey along, status quo ante, like they don’t notice? Why do they assume that they’re the only ones who have ever conceived of making a list?

    There are people out there that think that they can start something, and it will be accomplished by other people, with assumptions isomorphic to “it’ll be over by Christmas”. The only part that has any relation to reality is “something will be started”. After that, everyone else gets to figuratively vote, too, but vanishly small chance that will involve ballots.

  5. Even if it was in regards to voting only, she’s still talking about removing a fundamental right from 1/2 of the population.

  6. Why would taking away my right to vote be any less offensive than taking away my right to self defense or my right to free speech?

    The answer is still come and take it.

  7. Wonder if it’s the same Kelly Ann Pollard whose site on Fakebook is nothing but endless selfies, with sycophantic friends gushing about how beautiful she is? Seems about the right mentality….

    • I don’t think so. At least none of the Kelly Ann Pollards I could find on Facebook come close to matching her picture on Twitter. Also, she claims she is an RN which doesn’t match any of the Facebook people I could find.

  8. Regardless whether she’s talking about “voting” (and there are several scenarios one could imagine there, from the relatively benign to the horrific), the fact that she refers to (well, what, exactly, does she refer to? I bet she couldn’t make a coherent answer to that question) “the right” (again; whatever that means in her imagination – if you could look inside her mind and see it, you would probably not recognize it) as a disease is all you need to know.

    As a nurse speaking about an “itis”, a disease, you know she’s talking of eradicating it, and without remorse.

    That is exactly the sort of talk that was going around in Europe in the 1930s. In fact, the echoes of 1930s and ‘40s Europe never completely died down, for the Democrats and other filthy rats have kept all that sort of talk going.

    Now if we want to talk about actual principles (and the vast majority of people do not), then it becomes a totally different conversation. The American principles of liberty and self government, as articulated during the founding, and all that goes with them, would preclude a political party that’s dedicated to erasing those principles. Any such thing is against the law.

    Free speech? Yes, please, but free speech does not include the open advocacy of criminal behavior. The credible threat of taking away even one firearm is a credible threat of a criminal act. Credible threats of criminal acts are legally actionable, are they not? They are crimes in and of themselves, are they not? But who will act? Certainly “the right” will not act, and so “the right” (whatever it is) must be considered complicit in the crimes of “the left”. They’re two sides of the same, filthy coin, utterly corrupt.

    We’ve allowed an explicitly anti-liberty (i.e. criminal) political party to grow up in our midst, and so; if we’re talking about eradicating things, certainly the principles of decency and liberty, “the perfect law of liberty” as described in the Bible, would demand the eradication of the Democratic Party (not the people, mind you, but the party) as a functioning institution, either overt or covert. The Republican Party, by this standard, would have to go also—Therefore, in that limited sense I’d have to agree with our criminally allied, Nazi/tyrant/whore/bitch here.

    The bottom line here is; we’re screwed any way you’re willing to look at it, because most people will never be willing to look outside the current system of the criminal parties verses the liberty, the freedom and indeed the very lives, of The People. Earthly government (kings and queens, essentially, who will always tend to want to rape you and take your wealth and property, developing an amazing skill in rationalizing it) verses the Perfect Law of Liberty. Most people will choose a particular “side” but only a “side” that’s all fabricated, packaged up and offered to them, for the purpose of deception. That’s a false choice designed to ensnare us no matter which “side” we choose.

    Get out of the game, otherwise you’re merely fighting over who gets to enslave you.

    No, thanks. Bye bye.

  9. Considering that the last statistic I saw put the number of “accidental deaths” in hospitals at >100,000 per year, perhaps miss Pollard and her medical friends should spend time cleaning up their mess(es) before deciding to deprive the law-abiding gun owner of their right and property.

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