7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—SPQR

  1. The Dems are actually planning on that – put Joe in the White House, then pull his puppet strings. From the leftists standpoint, it doesn’t matter who they put in office, as long as it’s not Trump. They all think in far-left lockstep anyway, so the particular mouthpieces isn’t important – Hell, run Alyssa Milano. She’s dumb as a stump, but more photogenic than Joe, Hillary, or Occasional Cortex.

  2. Hell, run Alyssa Milano. She’s dumb as a stump, but more photogenic than Joe, Hillary, or Occasional Cortex.

    Not a very high hurdle to clear.

  3. Dumb people are more controllable, more dependent on and beholden to the controllers, and therefore less risky to the cause. To some, allegiance is far more important than brains. Dumb is better, which, by the way, Woodrow Wilson asserted, though somewhat more eloquently, back when he was writing theses at Princeton on the goals and purpose of public education.

    In a top down authoritarian system, there is no risk in one of the public mouthpieces saying dumb things, while there is tremendous risk in that same person saying something intelligent of insightful.

    In the Old World, Dark Ages thinking, they have a term which they use to describe the crime of seeing and thinking for yourself rather than letting the pope do all your thinking for you;

    A dumb president is far less likely to become heretical. Thus, within certain limitations; the dumber the better. So long as he doesn’t drool too much, can exhibit some table manners when required, usually keeps his clothes on in public, and doesn’t throw feces or piss his pants during state events (and wearing a diaper is not out of the question), then he’s thoroughly qualified so long as his allegiance is unquestionable. An idiot like Biden, having a long history of proving his allegiance to the dark side at the expense of any personal credibility or dignity, is thus prime material and should be given all deference and support in his campaign.

    Biden is thus about as good as it gets (though Bill Clinton could conjur up lies on demand, without hesitation, was a bit better in that his apparent total of lack of a conscience won him a level of respect from the media pundits [professional liars, all] which to this day borders on worship).

    A super loyal psychopath then, makes the best politician. Being that a super loyal psychopath is a rare treasure, the proven loyal idiot is the next best choice. You have to work with what’s available.

    Besides, American presidents come and go. They’re a perishable commodity with a brief shelf life, whereas the New World Order (a sort of reincarnation of the Roman Empire) is to last a thousand years or more, it’s proponents believe.

  4. “I have gotten courts to approve conservatorship’s for people more coherent than Joe Biden.”

    That is less an indictment of Quid Pro Joe’s mental status than it is a commentary on how corrupt and easily abuse the legal process is in
    America. There is an old aphorism that is quite accurate….something
    about the DA being able to con a grand jury into indicting a ham sandwich.
    The same can be said of judges…..put the right words in front of them and
    they will rubber stamp just about any legal horror no matter how egregious.

    • Dan has a point. For one thing, the evidence is crystal clear that 99.44% of US judges neither understand nor care about the Constitution, that document they supposedly swore to protect and defend.

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