Mass stabbing

Four Paris police officers killed in knife attack at headquarters:

One of the most popular tourist areas in Paris is sealed off after an attacker goes on a knife rampage and is shot dead.

The attacker had also recently converted to Islam, according to the French news channel BFM TV.

It has nothing to do with the person. This is obvious because it was someone who adheres to the religion of peace. What they need is common sense knife control.


8 thoughts on “Mass stabbing

  1. “The attacker had also recently converted to Islam,…”

    We may never know the reason why.

    • There are no more ardent supporters than the recent converts. I don’t know who said that or something similar, but I’ve always heard it with regard to ex smokers being the most assertive about not smoking. It certainly seems to apply to SJS (Sudden Jihadi Syndrome).

  2. Haka Laka Muhomud Jihad goes on another killing rampage.
    “Diversity is strength” they keep telling us.

  3. So three police officers and a support staffer were murdered before the murderer could be made safe. The article says he was a staffer there who never made trouble before [this incident when he really made up for years of quiet service].
    I was wondering why it took so long to make the Knifeman safe. It could be explained if they had to unlock the gun locker first, but the shock of their own Casper Milquetoast going all Sudden Jihadi Syndrome on them without warning kind of explains it.

  4. Sorry. Doesn’t fit the agenda. Perpetrator didn’t use a gun and the crimes took place in a country long extolled for their gun control laws by Big Gun Control.

  5. The French Metropolitan Police have never been unarmed, ever. They have at least as many fire-breathers as a large US Dept.
    (Watch a Paris cop go through the “ask tell make” sequence sometimes. They’re not patient.)
    I’d bet they got caught flat-footed & vapor-locked as a result. It doesn’t take long to commit multiple stabbings.

    • A knife is close to silent too. He walks into an office, does his “business”, closes the door on the way out, and goes on to the next office.

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