It’s what leftist do

Union County high school teacher reportedly told students VP Pence should be ‘shot in the head’

A Union County high school teacher is under investigation after reportedly making threatening comments to a class of students, saying the vice president should be shot.

The Cuthbertson High School teacher called out VP Mike Pence while he was visiting NC, allegedly telling her students he should be “shot in the head.”

Leftists are inherently violent. It’s part of their nature. The 100+ million people murdered in the 20th Century by their own government were almost all victims of socialist and communist governments. It should come as no surprise those on the political left in this country want to murder their political opponents as well. And this explains the increasing shrillness to ban the guns most useful to defend ourselves from them. They are just more visible in the expression of their intents now than they have been in the last 40 years.


8 thoughts on “It’s what leftist do

  1. The report should read “Union County teacher terminated for…”

    Certainly that would have been the case had someone advocated similarly regarding Soetero.

    Jeff B.

  2. Sounds like it/she/he is a SJW intent on getting rid of anyone standing in the way the left’s vision of utopia.

  3. Why is it that the Progressive vision of Utopia always involves doing things to somebody else?

  4. All good points.

    If it were a choice between the left and Mike Pence however, I’d take neither. I reject the false dichotomies we’re frequently offered.

    And let’s remember for a moment the Democrat Party’s terror/enforcement arm, the KKK. They were quite “visible in the expression of their intents”, back in the early 20th Century, when still-to-this-day darling of the Progressives, Woodrow Wilson invited them to Washington for a spectacular rally. Wilson also supported the pro-KKK movie, Birth of a Nation, making it the first American motion picture to be screened in the White House, and he was instrumental in formulating the purposes and tactics of using American public education as a tool of anti-libertarian political and cultural indoctrination. Many Democrats, even well into the late 20th Century, had a photo of Woodrow WIlson next to a painting of Jesus in their homes, thus demonstrating, at best, their total lack of any understanding whatsoever of Christianity, or basically anything at all. At worst they were showing their disdain for the precepts of Christ and their worship of Wilson as a demigod.

    Today they don’t need the KKK so much because they have essentially every branch and department of the federal government, and most state governments. Besides; with their Eugenics program, re-labeled as Planned Parenthood, right now they’re killing vastly more people than the KKK could ever have dreamed of killing, and they have us all funding them.

    • Hard to do a search unless you already know who or what you are looking for. Searching for “china woman execution photo wall” or anything similar returns a LOT of different images of different Chinese women apparently being executed by state forces. It’s not uncommon in a totalitarian state with more than a billion people. Which one do you want?

      • Didn’t even occur to me to attempt to use my lousy google-fu to find it.
        I was wondering if holding the target was some sort of punishment detail for them, as that looks rather stupid to subject a soldier to muzzle blast, and the resulting splatter. I suppose it doesn’t matter when life is that cheap, and the only cost to man a military is food and uniforms, mostly.

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