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Apparently @TheBabylonBee is now hard news. I wish them the best in this new phase.

Chris Knox
Tweeted on September 14, 2019
[This was in regards to this Tweet from The Babylon Bee:

It is, of course, a reference to Beto saying that as POTUS, if given the chance, he would demand a “mandatory buyback” of all privately owned AR-15s.

I agree with Knox. The Babylon Bee has been a great satire site and I will miss the humor. But if the skill they have demonstrated continues in their new endeavors they will do well and I also wish them the best.

At a recent shooting match I asked a few people what they would do if Beto got his way. The near universal response was a laugh and them saying something similar to, “What AR-15s? I don’t have any AR-15s.” Also mentioned was something to the effect of a “Tragic boating accident.”—Joe]


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  1. Agree with the folks at your match…

    But one of if not the most important things that’ll occur is that many, many people will come to see the Government and it’s Representatives as not legitimate and therefore lacking in jurisdiction and capacity.

    Once that mental threshold is crossed, other acts or failures to comply become easier and easier to rationalize. From there the distance to actions becomes even less and a more direct path.

    Jeff B.

  2. I do not own a single firearm with a model label of “AR-15” engraved in the side of it. That is a registered trademark of Colt and I own no Colt firearms.

    So anyone coming for my AR-15s are going to be disappointed because I do not own a single model of that firearm. Same goes for AK-47 and AK-74, as these are not models either.

    Law hinges on technicalties like this. The people at the match are absolutely correct. No need for a tragic boating accident on Dworshak Reservoir. But if you were to have such an accident, that would be a terrific place to have it. Depths well out of recreational and technical diving limits to prove you wrong by trying to find your guns.

    • Odd thoughts…

      A container, of the right size to hold longarms immersed in mineral oil or some other noncompressible preserving fluid (remove the optics, can’t have voids filled with compressible gas or seals that can dissolve)

      A simple float with a loop on the end of it, a short piece of rope or chain that won’t corrode or weaken in (possibly salt) water, to be used for hauling the container out of the water

      A compressed gas cylinder that can withstand water pressures down to about 1500 ft

      A orange buoyancy balloon, packed for long storage and able to deploy when supplied with air, with enough lift for, say, a couple hundred pounds of lift and won’t rupture at the surface at 85 KPa.

      A sensor module with some kind of battery good for fifty years or so, which will open the gas cylinder when it hears a coded acoustic signature

      Marketting name: “Tragic Boating Accident”

  3. OT:

    Hi there!
    Thanks for all your work, first of all.
    I just wanted to share with you something I think is really important:


    This is a Subcommittee Hearing from the House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans called “Meeting the Challenge of White Nationalist Terrorism at Home and Abroad”.

    It has a lot of troubling parts including:
    They are asking for laws to force tech companies to ban “hate speech”, which is now defined as anything globalists and leftist organizations like the ADL don’t like (and if you want proof that ADL is a dangerous leftist organization, watch this: https://youtu.be/6aDkQrTmZ1w ).

    Other troubling ideas these people have is that they want to use US military against European nationalists, and they want “White” nationalism (which they never define in the hearing as something else that someone who is aware that Europeans are indeed being demographically replaced via third world migration, which they admit is a FACT during the hearing at the 1:16:20 mark) to be considered terrorism, and classify anyone who doesn’t even join any group as a “White” nationalist if they ever agree with ideas like uncontrolled illegal migration being a threat to the health of Western Countries.

    It is a really insane video, I suggest you watch it and talk about it, because the leftists in the US government are going insane.

    Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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