Quote of the day—Giffords @GiffordsCourage

The NRA has no place in the White House.

Watch 2020 Democrats—@JoeBiden, @CoryBooker, @PeteButtigieg, @KamalaHarris, @AmyKlobuchar, @BetoORourke, @BernieSanders, & @EWarren—take on gun lobby corruption in our second #GunSafetyPresident video.

Giffords @GiffordsCourage
Tweeted on September 16, 2019
[Via a tweet from Chris Knox.

By saying the nation’s oldest civil rights organization “has no place in the White House” they tell us they have no respect for the 1st and 2nd Amendments. They are advocates for, and participants in, the destruction of the Bill of Rights. Such people belong in prison.

I find it telling there is no evidence of corruption presented and they tell a deliberate lie. The NRA does not represent the gun industry. It represents its five million+ members.

Remember this for their trials.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Giffords @GiffordsCourage

  1. I find this curious or really, alarming… there are large and significant numbers of gun owners clearly stating that they will not tolerate or accept violations of their rights by the Statists.

    Yet, they drive forward. Either they believe that we aren’t serious or they simply don’t care and are willing to see the wrack and ruin of an internal conflict.

    Jeff B.

    • I suspect they have no idea. If you only listen to MSNBC and Sanders and similar socialist propaganda outlets, you’re not likely to realize there is any opposition to these policies.
      Similarly, while Robert Francis O’Rourke probably knows his “people would just give up their guns” claim is a lie, chances are his fans who hear it think he’s making an honest statement.

      • Beetle O’Rourke may believe his statement, and HIS people may happily and quickly give up their guns. We will find out as the months go on, just how many people HE actually has following him.

  2. Wait first they have Bernie Sanders bitching about people pandering to smaller and smaller groups of people, have they ever read/heard his speeches?

    Then they have MR, We Will Take Your AR/AK/All other Semiautos Him Self Beto, in a commercial where they say they dont want to take every-ones guns. Yeah I will believe that……..

    • I believe him and others like him. Better to take your enemy at their word.

      For them it is a soundbite. For me it is personal. Utterly the words of confiscation costs them nothing. It can cost us a lot. Up to and including our lives. All for owning an item they do not approve of in hands they don’t approve of. They love AR-15s, called M16A4s and M4A1s with the happy switch, in the hands of the police and military. They don’t like the fact that I have the neutered version and the fact I am not wearing the uniform of a state agent under their control.

      They want that control. Privately held firearms stand in the way of them.

      Saying you want to take my AR means a lot of me. It is my property, valuable property, that I don’t get the hours of my life invested in its obtainment and usage back for. That can fund my future retirement.

      It is quite personal to me.

  3. Like all bullies, they think themselves invulnerable.

    The fact that they know we abide by civil behavior just emboldens them. Except, when good people are fed up, they will lash out.

  4. Disarming the law-abiding would serve to create a monopoly in deadly force for the benefit of criminals. That is to say; only a criminal would want the law-abiding disarmed.

    Now of course we could say, all day long, that criminals have no place in the White House, but clearly we’d be wrong about that.

    In that video, they are telling us that they’re fed up with civil rights, that they aren’t going to put up with them any more. Obama said it too, of course. He called the U.S. constitution a “Charter of Negative Rights” (an impediment to the reach of government). And of course the Democrats (also calling themselves Confederates at one point) have been known to murder in large numbers for the express purpose of opposing basic constitutional rights. They will surely do it again. They’ve been itching to do it for some decades now.

    Too bad they were never defeated. To bad we now treat them as a legitimate political party. That’s on us.

    So don’t think for a second that your dire warnings of possible widespread violence are any sort of a deterrent in the minds of Democrats, Jesuits, Progressives, socialists, Marxists, papists, many Republicans, et al. Quite the opposite; their primary leaders are licking their chops over the prospect of chaos and destruction. It is required for them to reach their goals. We warn them that they’re heading down a path to violence, death and destruction, and they’ll interpret it to mean they’re on the right path.

    And their dupes, their “useful idiots”, will go right along with them, every step of the way, even to their deaths at the hands of their own masters, and scarcely ever think to question their allegiance. It’s the way of this world;
    “But wait wait wait! Have I not been a faithful and dedicated servant of the Revolution for Social Justice?!!!”

    It’s the True Believer in the Ideology of the Left, who will, at the final stages, become the left’s most dangerous foe. Once the few among the duped realize that everything they’d been led to believe was a lie, that they’ve been used in a most agregious way, via mind rape, they’ll become foes of the left like none other, because they’ll have some inside knowledge.

    Their leaders know and fear this constantly. Thus the relentless and ever-escalating programming, and thus also; the left’s True Believers are always the first up against the wall after a revolution. At that stage they’re no longer needed, and they pose a threat because they’ll now know that everything they believed, and everything they fought for, was a lie of manipulation.

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