It’s time to ban assault knives

A mass stabbing in Florida:

Tallahassee police were called around 8:35 a.m. to Dyke Industries, a building materials company located on Maryland Circle in an industrial park off Hartsfield Road.

When officers arrived, they found a number of stabbing victims and began treating them on the scene, said Officer Damon Miller, a spokesman for TPD. It was not immediately clear whether anyone was killed. Five people were taken to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare and were being treated.

A suspect is in custody, though police gave no description of the person or a possible motive for the violence. A source told the Democrat the suspect is currently being interrogated.

Most large employers I have worked for ban possession of knives as well as guns. I wonder how this happened.


5 thoughts on “It’s time to ban assault knives

  1. Considering the date, the chosen implement, and considering the police are not releasing any details about the suspect, could he/she have been looking for the Aloha Snack-bar? Just asking for a friend.

  2. Yup; ban knives. If knives were banned, then NO ONE COULD EVER GET HOLD OF A KNIFE (except law-breakers, of course). Law-breakers will have anything they want.

  3. The only way to be sure that the ban on sharpened bit of metal is effective is to ban the possession of metal.

    And rigid plastic. Darn, forgot about shivs. Might have to ban possession of hardwoods as well…

    Next, the actual scourges of humanity: blunt instruments and personal weapons.

    • And what will we do about larger people assaulting smaller people with just their hands and feet? I know, state conducted preemptive amputation! If you are not on the list of those who can be trusted, you must have your limbs removed to ensure peace and safety for everyone. Finally, we can all live in peace. Just don’t let anyone obtain a prosthetic arm or leg. DANG! When is this ever going to stop? Why is it so hard to see logical fallacies for what they are? Answer: There are no logical fallacies for those who wish to hold power over others. Any excuse works and any means to obtain power is acceptable. Beginning to understand why The Founders instituted the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution?

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