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I guess a well-regulated clock is when the government dictates time.

Bill @WLFManBill
Tweeted on September 5, 2019
[That settles that.—Joe]


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  1. Careful what you use as examples in your sarcasm. Whatever it is, it’s either been done already, is now being done, or soon will be done. Government does dictate time. Well; church and state working together do it.

    Maybe it’s best not to use sarcasm at all.

    We went from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, for example, and we go in and out of daylight savings time, depending on the decisions of the individual states. By decree of emperor Constantine, and later, the Catholic Church, the Sabbath of the Fourth Commandment, being the last day of the week, was to be ignored in favor of the first day of the week; “The Venerable Day of The Sun”. Leap days and even leap seconds are added as well, according to international agreements between governments. So yes; a “well-regulated clock” will check in with the National Bureau of Standards from time to time.

    “And he shall…think to change times and laws…” Daniel 7:25 (KJV), speaking of the Beast, which is a global, political religious entity.

    Changing times and laws isn’t for any practical purpose, necessarily, but rather it is to establish who it is that people recognize as the authority in the world, and, just as important; who is not recognized as the authority. It’s a matter of who is writing the script, and the choreography, and who beats the drum, to which the maximum number of people are dancing. So it’s a matter of whose mark, or brand, you’re wearing (wittingly or not; either way, it pleases the Beast).

    Weapon restriction laws serve a dual purpose;
    1; they establish earthly government as the authority over your God-given and unalienable rights, and so they get us harkening unto the Beast as the authority.
    2; of course they “de horn” the “cattle” so we’re more docile and manageable.

    They work, to some degree, every time they’re tried, and they’ve been used to facilitate the murder of hundreds of millions of people over the millennia. Be careful then, how you criticize a system that’s worked so well for so long. Or as I’ve said before; don’t knock it; it works!

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