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I can’t wait for those who want their political opponents dead to be in charge of health care.

August 29, 2019
Details here.
[The same concerns would apply to law enforcement in a disarmed society. Criminals would know they could prey on those who were politically disfavored with little risk. In the early days of the USSR the criminals were openly considered allies of the communist party because they would prey upon those who owned property.

Although he doesn’t address the health care issue this guy from East Germany told me his experience with housing and jobs also confirms SayUncle’s point.—Joe]


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  1. Criminals have always been the de facto allies of leftist politicians. Sometimes they’re even directly cooperating.

    As the societal disease Progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to tell the difference between a politician and a common criminal, except by title. Even then, common criminals will be given title. We crossed the latter threshold in the U.S. decades ago.

    “I can’t wait for those who want their political opponents dead to be in charge of health care.”
    Who says they aren’t already? Spend a few minutes on the sidewalks of any city. Notice the people who are barely above the level of walking zombies. There is almost always a few of them in sight. You see them practically everywhere. They’re the middle aged or older who should be healthy and vibrant, but are ashen in completion, usually overweight and limping, or walking extra slow. They’re on a cocktail of prescription drugs, maintained in their prematurely decrepit state of existence, never cured. If drug interactions or overdoses, or their compromised mental awareness, don’t kill them, their unaddressed bad habits will. Meanwhile each one of them is serving the purpose of transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of artificially-elevated medical expenses.

    It’s a win-win for the leftist agitators. As they get you to despise and hate these walking zombies they’re creating via the encouragement of bad diet and the use of the medical industry to bankrupt us while treating symptoms and leaving causes untreated, you’ll eventually go along with the next phase in the plan without too much protest.

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