Tueller Drill target

If I were formally teaching self defense with firearms I would consider getting this target for my students:

It teaches the importance of getting off the line of attack as well as the importance of when to deploy your firearm. It could be a part of any number of pretty cool USPSA stages too.

3 thoughts on “Tueller Drill target

  1. He’s right, that *is* the greatest target ever. Now if we can just talk Marty into getting one (or several) for FAS….

  2. I doubt that it could be made to work (or, more likely, “work well enough to be consistent and useful”) in the typical grass or gravel setting of outdoor ranges, but on the concrete floor of an indoor range I could see an RC-controlled “power base” that offers additional modes and directions of movement. For example, a “don’t shoot me mode” in which the target begins an attack on the beep but stops and retreats after enough time for the draw and sight alignment to reinforce not shooting when it’s not legally permissible, or a horizontal movement mode to follow the shooter when he “gets off the X” or a target that advances but suddenly drops a foot or so to simulate the attacker dodging fire or going into a crouch.

    Way back when, robot mail carts followed “painted” tracks on the floor using UV; using that method to establish path consistency would work on concrete.

  3. We use one at our club and it works on the grass ranges. You might have to add some shims to level it. It is very well made.

    Besides adding it to IDPA stages we usually shoot it four ways.
    1) Arms at side, you draw when you see the target move.
    2) Arms at side, you draw at the buzzer but must remain stationary.
    3) Arms at side, you draw at the buzzer and move off the line of attack.
    4) Gun at low ready, engage the target at the buzzer.

    1) About half the people do not get a shot off.
    2) Most people get 1-2 shots off with a center mass hit.
    3) 90% get 2-4 shots off with several center mass hits.
    4) It ends up with 100% getting shots off 5-7 good hits.

    Take away: It’s best to have the gun in your hand at the start of a fight.

    Reminder that the people who shoot it compete in IDPA, USPSA or 3 gun matches.
    I would like to get a bunch of new CCW holders to try it and see what happens.

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