They have admitted their guilt

Dean Baquet, the executive editor of the New York Times, recently admitted they structured their “newsroom” to bring down President Trump. When they failed with the false Russia conspiracy story they came up with a different plan and restructured accordingly.

See New York Times chief outlines coverage shift: From Trump-Russia to Trump racism

They have admitted their guilt. Why isn’t this being treated as libel and the New York Times and staff sued into oblivion?


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  1. Here’s their absolute defense: they are incapable of telling the difference between what is objectively true and what is objectively false.

    A component of criminal libel and slander (in the US) is that one communicated a false and damaging allegation as if it were fact while knowing that it was false.

    All their defense lawyer has to do is find several areas of objectively, provably false positions that these ‘journalists’ believe as fact, then produce a series of verifiable respected subject matter experts to outline why those positions are absolutely wrong. Then ask the ‘journalists’ if they would like to stick to their positions.

    Either way, the defense lawyer wins.

    If they won’t change their mind, they’re either: possessed of a mental illness that prevents them from accepting countering information, therefore insane and not guilty; so uneducated that they literally don’t understand the words being used, therefore ignorant and not guilty; so unintelligent that they can’t understand or correlate the evidence, therefore stupid, but not guilty.

    Or they do change their mind, but they can claim they have never before been exposed to this information, or they have but were convinced it was from uncredible sources, and thus they are not guilty because they were awash in a sea of misinformation or a desert of lack of information, such that no-one around them could even point them in the direction of actual truth, and thus they are not guilty through no fault of their own.

    The path of truth and fact is hard and continuously laborious. The path of comfortable common ‘knowledge’ is easy and lazy and, QED, free from legal obligation.

    The ‘news’ business is under no legal requirement of due diligence or care or competence, merely under the pressure of market forces, and if their market wants to be lied to, they can deliver what their market wants. Thus I have described the whole of CNN’s and the NYT’s business plan.

    • But if they take the first path, they prove, conclusively, that they are utterly unfit for writing comic book scripts, let alone reporting on news. They would completely undermine the news company’s credibility; they’d prove they really are Fake News in the most literal sense of the phrase. If they take the second path, and change their minds, they prove the God Emperor is right on all accounts, and million of leftie heads explode. Win-Win. Suing them and framing the question correctly, is a Xanatos Gambit.

      • Their target market doesn’t care about their factuality or lack thereof.

        Their target market wants them to deliver the ‘news’ they’re expecting, particularly if it makes them feel superior to the designated out-group(s). Thus, Orange Man Bad, Russia Russia Russia, everything is racist/sexist/-*-ism even when a more plausible reasoning is available, socialism (which has never been actually attempted) will work this time, and facts are oppression.

        ‘News’ is the lowest tier of the entertainment industry.

        • They are the propaganda organ of the Deep State. They have no “target market,” their job is to sow FUD and division. They are not economical. The issue is whether or not the mask slips enough that normies can see the evil lurking below clearly, and finally respond accordingly (with pitchforks and torches).

  2. I thought you were more of a libertarian. I’m surprised you would support someone like Trump whose desire for an authoritarian ethnostate is exceeded only by that of his administration and hangers-on.

    • HA HA HA HA….. Ah, man, someone has hacked your account, or slipped something into your Koolaid. Not the thought he was a libertarian” part, but the rest of it. Trump is *dismantling” the authoritarian Deep State. That why they (Dems / Reps / Bureaucrats / Hollywood / etc) oppose him so vehemently. ethnostates are the norm or human history.

      • Trurnp is far from an ideal leader, but I’ll take what I can get. Hillary would have been a total disaster. At least Trump is fighting the left and has an intuitive sense of what the ‘deplorables’ want and need.

        In terms of Taleb’s Antifragile, he is far more antifragile in his outlook than anyone on the left. The left would have us build a nation of fragile snowflakes that would dictate our every thought and action.

        “Principle 2: (Greek vs Roman)The main differences between political attitudes should be judged in terms of effectiveness, never intentions.”

        “The real difference in politics isn’t the “right” vs “left” verbalistic gradation but rather “Greek” vs “Roman”.”Greek”: puts theory above practice.”Roman”: puts practice above theory.”


    • There was no support for President Trump in the post. It was pointing out an organization of incredible power has admitted it is engaged in an ongoing campaign of lying to people of the world. This is admitting evil doing and they should be punished accordingly. The president is almost irrelevant to this post.

      • I guess I’m reacting to not seeing similar critiques of Fox, and thus taking that as a tacet endorsement of Trump.

          • They will be the last to admit they make up what they broadcast….

            I’m genuinely curious: do you believe Fox represents Trump in an unbiased way?

        • Speaking for myself, though I know some will certainly agree, I know that most of the mainstream news has some “real” news that is accurately reported, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s mostly paid-for propaganda to shape a narrative. A narrative written like a novel with villains and heroes, trying to push public sentiment and thoughts in a particular direction. It’s not profitable, so they sold their soul. FOX is less SJW converged, but is headed that way. The bigger / older “news” sources, like the NY Times, were early targets for influence by the Powers that Be. The Swamp. The Cabal. Satan. Whoever is pulling the strings on the meat-puppets in office. There are many layers, and Trump is in the process of stripping them away. As that happens, the Swamp will fight back to protect its power. They are fabulists spinning a story they desperately want you to believe, because they know if you knew the truth, the whole truth, you’d crucify them, not just tar and feather them. Seriously, not just metaphorically.

  3. John,
    I find it telling that the focus of your response is to denigrate President Trump, and ignore the actual subject matter, that of the press acknowledging that they are deliberately untruthful in their reporting.

    About thirty years ago, when the local rag ramped up their anti-gun “reporting”, I got in touch with the primary writer on the subject. Turned out he wasn’t ignorant on the subject of guns, he was deliberately lying. It occurred to me that if they were doing that on one subject, they were likely mendacious on others as well. I cancelled my subscription.
    I suspect that I wasn’t the only person around the country that made a similar decision. Newspapers have been in decline since then, and seem to be on the way to disappearing. They really took a hit once Craigslist got up to speed, and took away their advertising revenue. I laughed when I realized that a Lefty founded business was killing the Left’s printed media system. It was sad, but funny.

    The news media still ignores the basis for peoples antipathy toward their business. Very disappointing, as newspapers fill an important role in communities.
    Typical of the Left to throw away businesses in their pursuit of their ideology, which just further alienates those who pay attention.

  4. This is about more than our current president. It is about a fundamental rewrite of our history and weltanschauung. Along with promoting the story of our racism is the Project 1619 (the year the first slaves were sold in Virginia). They intend “.. to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.”

    This is a frontal attack on our country and what it has stood for including our constitution and the bill of rights.

  5. Trump won the 2020 presidential election when, during the first tweets about the Squad, he stated that the Lefts’ vile anti-Americanism “…would not be allowed to go unanswered.” The Left can’t stand having their own words repeated and criticized. It destroys them. And that is what Trump is doing.

    Racism? For the past decade I’ve read that merely being white makes one inherently, irredeemably, unconsciously, and undeniably racist. In other words, all white people are racist, and nobody else is when they say that. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Laughter is the only proper response to charges of racism today. Maybe some ridicule of the accusers, too. But if the left thinks charges of racism carry any weight these days, they’ve got some news coming that they won’t like.

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