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If we can’t ban the damn things, then why don’t we raise the purchasing age to like 40?

August 7, 2019
Comment to Heading to El Paso, Trump nixes assault weapons ban
[I still sometimes find it odd that people have no concept of following the law of the land. “…shall not be infringed…” seems so clear and yet someone imagines it means the  infringement of a specific enumerated right doesn’t really count if the person is not yet 40 years old.

Keep this in mind when people demand the age for purchase of any gun be raised to 21. The slippery slope is there. If this is allowed then what rationale can there be to resist raising the age to 30, 40, or 90?—Joe]


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  1. Of course, these are the same people who want the voting age lowered to 16 or so…

    • And the age of consent lowered to nothing (i.e., eliminated) while pushing a sex ed curriculum that discusses details (i.e., glamorizes) at an ever-younger ages in schools; they currently hit anal sex by 8th grade in my district, other districts are younger. Meanwhile, nearly every school I’ve been at has someone with a car sporting the yellow “=” on a blue background of the “Human Rights Campaign,” one of whose founders (Terry Bean) was arrested for sodomy and sex abuse of a minor (child later refused to testify, make of that what you will; he was also a Obama fan-boi and doner). Meanwhile they forced a private org (the Boy Scouts) to allow in gay scout masters and make it co-ed (even on camp-outs). Yeah, nothing could possibly go wrong with any of that.

      • “sporting the yellow “=” on a blue background of the “Human Rights Campaign,””

        Is THAT what that is?? I had no damn clue.

  2. All assuming, of course, that a person who cannot get a gun legally cannot get one illegally.

    I’ll give Initech the benefit of the doubt by assuming he’s not a blithering, slobbering, gibbering idiot, and that therefore he knows full well that someone bent on murder won’t have any compunction against obtaining a gun illegally.

    Where would that leave the conversation then, if we believe people like Initech are NOT idiots? Rather that trying to correct them, or educate them (because we know that they already know the truth of the matter) we have to assume that they want to disarm only the law-abiding, while leaving the worst of the worst of law breakers able to well and fully arm themselves via black markets.

    If we assume that they’re NOT IDIOTS (that they’re only pretending to be idiots as a calculated ploy), i.e. if we assume that the chief leftist movers and shakers (agitators) do in fact actually know exactly what they are doing, where does that leave the conversation?

    Joe; the way I see your response, it is like someone watching a bank robbery in progress and wondering how it is possible that the robber is so clearly unaware that robbery is illegal, and thinking that if only you could get the robber to read and understand the law then he would certainly change his ways.

    OF COURSE they know it’s illegal! OF COURSE they know it’s unconstitutional! That’s sort of the point. They hate the constitution. Now can we move on?

      • The worst accusation you can make against a leftist then, is that he knows exactly what he is doing!

        • Then the accusation has to be made, to their faces. We have to ask if they prefer a leftism where the government owns everything or one in which it allows us to think we do while regulating every little thing about what we can do with what we “own”.

    • No, I’m thinking, “How can he think he will get away with this? Everyone can see accepting this will not end well.”

  3. The three types we see in all communist movements, aka, “the left”.
    1) Those that have such a low I.Q. they have no ability to see that their actions are going to destroy even themselves. These are the soldiers.
    2) Those that should be able to see that what their doing is not going to work. But just can’t. There are numerous reasons for this, endlessly debated. I.E. brainwashing, educational system, ideologues. It matters little. As once their clicked in. True “gamma” cheerleading is all you will hear.
    In this category seems to be where our little Initech finds himself . Intellectual exercise is not these peoples strong point. These are the “Useful Idiots”.
    3) The Sal Inlinsky’s The Clourd&Pivens. The Maos, Stalins, Hilters, margue de sades. The ones that understand and enjoy the evil their doing. All the same vanity that stretches back to Nimrod, and possibly before. It’s an evil instilled in the human condition. it must be resisted.
    Our forefathers understood this very well. Thus the 2A of our bill of rights. But more importantly, that the right to defend oneself be written on your heart.
    The big question remains.
    Will criminal negligence be prosecuted the same as criminal intent? And how many will die before that day.

    • I agree, but the useful idiots will argue about how their little vote never hurt anyone. The fact that Hugo the Chav was voted into office in Venezuela is lost on them.

        • Hindenburg, the evil oaf, appointed him Chancellor on January 30, 1933 after a series of parliamentary elections and associated backroom intrigues. The number of Nazis in the Reichstag actually declined over the course of late 1932 and early 1933. It wasn”t until after the Enabling Act passed by the Reichstag at the end of March, 1933 AFTER the Reichstag Fire.

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