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I’ve been reading email and websites which claim there is a new movie coming out in which rich elites hunt “deplorables”/Trump supporters. From watching the trailers it’s not clear this is the actual theme. It’s possible The Hunt is a politically neutral take-off of the short story “The Most Dangerous Game”. But that doesn’t match what The Hollywood Reporter and The Epoch Times claim:

The movie, “The Hunt,” from Universal Pictures, shows people hunting down “deplorables,” a term failed presidential contender Hillary Clinton used to describe supporters of Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Did anyone see what our [expletive]-in-chief just did?” one character asks others early in the movie, reported the Hollywood Reporter. “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”

According to the Reporter, the movie’s script features blue-state characters choosing to hunt red-state characters who expressed pro-life positions or were deemed racist.

Here are the trailers I have been able to find. You decide:


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  1. I’ve heard about it, but I did not find a trailer. It does seem that it is targeting helpless whites in flyover country. How is this different than the recent shootings? Why is there no outrage?

    What’s next?

    • There isn’t much outrage, because the hunters are rich liberals, and the hunted wear MAGA hats. Some commentators argued that the trailer was inappropriate because of current events — clearly implying the movie would have been just fine if it wasn’t for the recent crimes.
      Matthew Continetti of the Washington Free Beacon pointed out that there’s a major hole in the script: it assumes that the “deplorables” (who are the targets) are all disarmed.

  2. Remember: they are not misguided, they are not ignorant.
    They are evil, and they want you and your families dead or worse.

  3. For whatever reason, I can’t get either of those trailers to play. Elsewhere, the trailer I saw was cut to suggest that the blonde “deplorable” woman was the protagonist. This is consistent with the “Most Dangerous Game” genre, where the decadent wealthy hunter(s) are the villains. That said, in the interest of being “interesting” and “provocative”, I suspect that pretty much everyone will be awful, except the protagonist. I have no intention of testing this hypothesis with my own money and time.

    • Yes, works on those links.
      The second one is what I saw elsewhere. IMDB wanted an ‘age verification’ on that one.
      Issue repros for me on Edge (with site whitelisted in Ghostery and not) and in Chrome. The play button overlay is present and higlights on hover, but nothing plays. Mysteries of the Intarwebz…

  4. The first trailer doesn’t give many clues, but the second trailer suggests the hunted deplorables are the good guys who eventually overcome and destroy the elite hunters. It almost sounds like the fantasy of a MAGA supporter. Thus I am uncertain it is a movie supporting the left, but perhaps is more intended to portray what things could lead to with the extreme left and in the end portraying the destruction of the extremists at the hands of their intended victims. It has tweaked my curiosity. It will be interesting to see how people on both sides of the political divide react.

  5. I’m going to take a different tack on this. This is a remake of the story “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell. In the end, the hunted becomes the hunter.

    The Deplorables get to kill the Anointed. I’d watch that.

  6. The Washingexamer has an interesting take on The Hunt.

    “Trump firing off at a random film that basically defends his supporters simply demonstrates that he’s disconnected from the content of the culture wars that carried him to the White House.

    Hollywood’s liberal bias is real, but if Republicans respond by rejecting the entirety of arts and entertainment outright, they’ll lose the culture war for good.”

    Perhaps the clips are not enought to decide or I got the wrong impression.

    • It wouldn’t be the first time the trailers did not convey the true thesis of the movie, so I wouldn’t be surprised either way. I guess I’m willing to risk my time that it’s a pretty straight-up copy of “The Most Dangerous Game”, but not any more money.

  7. Yeah, I read the Most Dangerous Game in Jr. High as well. The story then was great. This movie now, given the state of things in this country, and the vehemence with which the left is fighting against our gun rights, makes it seem like a piss poor time to come our with such a movie. Kind of like starting the Rambo franchise in today’s age.
    I by choice do not give any of my money to Hollywood that I don’t have to. ( I have a subscription to Hulu, for which I pay 5$ a month). From Hulu, I am able to choose things that I find worth my time and support, while rejecting things that are either too liberal or have actors that I will not support. I know, it might be a tiny difference, but it is at least a difference.
    I also have a subscription to Kanopy, which is a service of our library, which is free and has tons of movies, and is pretty good.
    Some movies are so vile that no matter who is made out to be the good guy, they should not be made. The hunt seems to be one of them.

  8. I found it very interesting that the most run commercial during the last Democratic debate (yes I watched, don’t judge, good to know your enemies) was this movie’s trailer. Every single network break had one.

    • That’s cool. You watched so I didn’t have to. People won’t watch “courtroom dramas” with me because I mutter to myself, “That’s not the law”, “Objection! Inflaming the jury!” “This just won the other side an appeal”. God knows for sure, that my TV is safer from thrown objects if I don’t have to listen to the peanut gallery pretending to have a debate.

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