Naches Peak Loop Trail

Last Sunday, after hiking the Mount Rainier Skyline Trail the day before, we hiked the Naches Peak Loop Trail. It was a much easier hike, and while very pleasant, was no comparison in the Skyline Trail. Any other day it would have been an incredible hike. But after the Skyline Trail experience it was merely great.

For the most part the trails were wide and flat. There were a few narrow and rugged spots but nothing that caused us real concern. The views were wonderful. In places the wildflower were so plentiful the air was filled with their scent even as you walked by.









While eating lunch this bird literally flew into my hat several times:


We suspect it was trying to get me to drop some food.

On the second half of the trail we had a view of Mount Rainer ahead of us most of the time.




1 thought on “Naches Peak Loop Trail

  1. Nice hikes, and nice photos, Joe!
    A couple more places to add to your hiking bucket list in Mt. Rainier NP: Spray Park, on the NE side of the park above Mowich Lake. You’ll hike up the flanks of the mountain, surrounded by wildflowers and stupendous views – a bit longer hike and fairly steep.

    I think you guys already hiked the Burroughs Mt. trail, near Sunrise – but if not, that’s a must-do as well.

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